Compliance Hotline and Whistleblower Hotline Services

Confidential compliance and whistleblower hotline service for employees, businesses and organizations. Make anonymous reports of unethical behavior and sensitive topics with complete privacy.

Image of a female employee in an office who has reported unethical behavior with a whistleblower hotlineWhen fraud or other inappropriate incidents occur, employees need to feel safe in reporting unethical behavior without the fear of retaliation. A whistleblower hotline service can provide organizations with round the clock reporting options to ensure misconduct is documented in a timely, confidential manner. Manned by helpful, reliable and highly-trained administrative professionals, a whistleblower hotline ensures a much-needed check on the ethical (and not so ethical) behaviors happening behind closed doors or in plain sight.

A whistleblowing system cannot only create a culture of transparency and fairness within a company, but it can discourage fraudulent or inappropriate behavior altogether. Whistleblower hotline services can ensure that no matter what someone’s rank or experience level might be, their voice has importance and their concerns are taken seriously. Available for businesses and organizations of all varieties, whistleblower hotlines can revolutionize the way a company handles incidents.

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Image of a team of business professionals who rely on a whistleblower hotline to report improper behaviorThe Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 set new requirements for public company boards, management and accounting firms. Not limited to just publicly funded corporations, private enterprises are also held to several standards by the act, including laws outlining the forbidding of the willful destruction of evidence in a federal investigation. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act also outlined the procedures of reporting requirements for publicly funded companies. It encourages the internal reporting of unethical or fraudulent behavior and requires companies to effectively communicate their reporting system to staff.

MAP Communications offers a whistleblower hotline service compliant with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, hotline operators are highly-trained to document the frustrations and concerns of the employee coming forward. Each call is logged in a secure online portal accessible only to those with the proper credentials. Easy to use and incredibly effective, the service allows whistleblowers to come forward without fear of retaliation.

Reduce Unethical Behavior

Allow employees to report misconduct confidentially and with confidence. By ensuring consistent workflows and a streamlined process, raising the red flag has never been easier. Simple to use and easy to implement, supervisors and employees alike will appreciate how little work is required on their part. As comprehensive as it is easy to use, MAP Communications whistleblower hotline services can cover all kinds of unethical behavior reporting, from theft or sexual harassment to environmental issues and legal concerns. Many find the use of such hotlines empowering; open lines of communication encourage honesty.

Why Choose MAP as Your Whistleblower Hotline Service Provider?

Image of four MAP Communications agents providing whistleblower hotline serviceMAP Communications is a leading provider of answering, emergency and whistleblower hotline services based in the United States. Featuring live receptionists, a proprietary call handling platform and a reliable, friendly support team ready to help with the challenges your organization faces, there’s truly no better resource for virtual administrative assistance. Ensure the integrity of your business and staff with the help of MAP Communications.

To stay on top of sensitive issues and give your employees a way to safely and confidentially blow the whistle, contact MAP Communications today. By tailoring solutions to your unique requirements, our team can give your business the advantage it needs and keep everyone on board honest and upstanding with themselves and their colleagues. Contact MAP to set up your company’s whistleblower hotline and stop unethical behavior before it starts.

MAP Whistleblower Hotline Services are available in all 50 states