Call Center and Answering Services for Automobile Service Companies

Whether you’re a mechanic, body shop, or automotive specialist of any kind, our custom answering and virtual receptionist services will help you provide the best service for your customers.

Image of two men working on a car that use a call center for automotive services

A broken down car almost always spells a bad day for a driver. There’s nothing quite as annoying – and potentially scary – as realizing you have a flat tire, a dead battery or an overheated engine. Or even worse, not knowing what is wrong at all! Even routine trips to the local mechanic for an oil change can be unnerving for those that don’t know the first thing about automobiles. Thankfully, MAP Communications answering services for automotive businesses can help turn a stressful situation into a better one. At MAP, we know just how dire some of your customers’ circumstances can be, which is why we offer such stellar customer service at all times. When a calm voice on the end of a line can help de-escalate a stressful situation, there’s no better team to call upon than MAP.

Of course, automotive maintenance shops all have their own tasks to handle. The day-to-day running of such types of automotive service companies requires a great deal of scheduling and coordination. When you’re busy, a ringing phone can add to the chaos. That’s why many companies are turning to MAP automotive answering services for customer service support. We work with towing company dispatchers to help coordinate between tow companies, drivers, insurance agencies, and your shop to cover the whole process A to Z. We also support auto shops once the vehicle has arrived to ensure customers receive the best possible experience. Not only does this mean that customers are served in a quicker fashion, but it leaves you and your team the freedom to focus on walk-in customers.

Image of a MAP Communications virtual receptionist providing answering services for towing companies and auto mechanicsA mechanic answering service serves both customers and employees well. Mechanics are eager to roll up their sleeves and knock repairs out as they come in the door. Getting pulled away from important tasks to answer phones is a common pet peeve within the industry. We can provide information to callers, schedule times for them to come in for an inspection, repair work, or routine maintenance, and we even provide powerful account management tools. Allow your team to focus on the needs of customers rather than dealing with administrative duties. MAP Communications can be the secret weapon your shop needs to get customers in and out quickly and satisfied.

An automotive call center program can be designed to fit your precise requirements. MAP employees partner with you to develop a custom call script for your company. Then, our virtual receptionist team works from this script to ensure messaging to your callers is up to your standards. Whether you’re a body shop, oil change business, tire company, or a mechanic, we can cater to the exact demands of you and your customers. This level of customized service is second to none!

Fully customized auto repair answering services and automotive answering and virtual receptionist services

If you’re looking for an automotive answering service for auto repair shops and mechanics to help take your customer service to the next level, look no further than MAP. A leader within the call center industry, MAP has helped keep callers happy and boosted auto service businesses for nearly three decades. Employee-owned and operated, MAP’s success is tied directly to that of our clients. You can rest assured that every time you speak to a MAP employee, they are as eager to please your customers as you likely are. Bilingual, resourceful and passionate about helping others, our virtual receptionists are the best in the game.

Get the work/life balance you deserve while also putting your organization on the fast-track to success by partnering with MAP answering and virtual receptionist services for the transportation industry. There’s no easier way to take your customer service to the next level, all while giving you the peace of mind to focus on what matters most.

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