Musicians Answering Service

MAP Communications provides virtual receptionist and live call answering service for musicians with 24/7 availability.

receptionist providing call answering for musicians

For musicians, the only thing better than delighting an audience is booking the next show. But if you are never available to answer the call about booking your next gig, there might not be a next one. Too often, a missed call means a missed opportunity, which is why so many professionals rely on a musicians answering service. We get it – musicians are busy people with non-traditional schedules. A little help answering calls and ensuring you book the next show is exactly what you want.

Get the personal touch you need to win over prospective clients. With a call answering service for musicians at your disposal, you’ll ensure that each of your incoming calls is handled with professionalism and enthusiasm. Ditch the voicemail for good – with MAP Communications phone answering for musicians, you’ll never miss another call!

Benefits of a Call Answering Service for Musicians

A lot goes into the event planning process. There are caterers to hire, decorations to order, and guests to invite. By the time party planners start searching for entertainment for their event, many are up to their ears in details. They simply don’t have the time to sit around wondering why they can’t get in touch with you.

On the other hand, many musicians work on a gig-to-gig basis, focusing on their day jobs during traditional business hours. When prospective clients get your voicemail, they may simply hang up and dial another performer instead. A musicians answering service eliminates this all too common dynamic.

Just as musicians add that extra special touch to events, professional virtual receptionists bring a certain X factor to every phone call they take. When you choose to work with a live answering service for musicians, you will lend a polished image to every client conversation. Friendly receptionists are available 24 hours a day to answer questions, schedule gigs, take messages, and reassure callers that they are indeed a priority.

While music may be a universal language, English isn’t. That’s why our musicians answering service is staffed by bilingual employees. If you’ve ever missed out on an opportunity because of a language barrier, you’ll definitely want to harness MAP’s resources. No matter where a caller is from or what language they speak, there will be a friendly, helpful voice on the end of the line to answer questions and schedule events.

How Our Musicians Answering Service Works

When you decide to partner with MAP, you’ll enjoy all the perks of an administrative assistant without the expensive price tag. Our musicians virtual receptionist service is incredibly affordable and can be tailored to fit any budget. Since our agents are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you’ll never miss another call. Regardless of when people dial you up, our helpful receptionists will be there to answer.

We know that image is everything – especially in the entertainment world. Each client deserves personalized attention, which is why we offer customized call scripts. We work with you to understand your policies, procedures and preferred language before ever speaking with a single caller. This allows us to speak with prospective clients or agencies in the exact way you prefer. Even when you’re personally unavailable to take calls, you’ll be represented with fidelity.

Phone answering for musicians allows for careful collection of caller details. Any required payments can be processed immediately and any questions can be addressed in real time. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your organization, ready to rise to any occasion. With so many exciting opportunities on your horizon, we’re just happy to be a part of the team!

Inbound Calls are Music to Our Ears

Your gigs start long before you ever play a single note. To ensure a truly memorable event, you’ll want to win over clients from your very first interaction. When it comes to charming callers, our musicians answering service is unbeatable. You’ll also save valuable time, energy, and money while we’re at it. You and your bandmates can breathe a serious sigh of relief once you pass along this particular administrative chore.

Whether you’re a rocking wedding band or a classical string quartet, MAP Communications has the support you require to effortlessly book gigs and maintain your calendar. We will handle your calls whether you are busy practicing, writing your next hit, or recovering from the previous show. Streamlining your client communications can do wonders to relieve stress while ensuring a healthy stream of new opportunities.

Ready to give our musicians answering service a try for yourself? We’re offering a free week trial for new clients. Since no credit card details are required to sign up, there’s zero obligation to keep using our services after the trial period ends. Simply complete the form and you’ll be on your way to a no pressure preview of life with MAP!