Answering Service for Contractors

Live Phone Answering Service for Contractors

MAP Communications Answering Service for Contractors can help you respond immediately to the needs of customers and capture valuable leads as they come in. We know that one missed call can mean missing out on thousands of dollars for your business, which is why our team of highly-trained, experienced virtual receptionists quickly pick up the phone every time it rings to represent your business in a professional manner. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, MAP is ready to leap into action at any given moment.

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Contractors must wear many hats in their daily work. As a contractor, your responsibilities range from providing estimates and working different job sites to inventory management and collecting payments. Beyond that, you may even find that you’re the salesman, the customer management specialist, the scheduler and the person signing the checks at the end of the week. When your contracting company’s success is on the line, it’s easy to fall victim to the “step back and let me do it” mentality. Unfortunately, though, the demanding nature of contracting and management means fielding incoming phone calls can slide by the wayside. While ignoring customer calls and sending potential leads to voicemail is never your intention, chances are good that you’ve made this phone call faux pas more than once.

Never let it happen again with round-the-clock call coverage by our live virtual receptionists. 24 hour coverage ensures that you never miss another call or opportunity.

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Not getting many 2 AM phone calls? No worries. Our live contractor answering service is totally customizable. Because clients are only charged for the time our receptionists spend with callers, contractors need not worry about paying the salary of a full-time receptionist. You can use MAP while you’re on vacation or taking a much-needed weekend off, or perhaps you’ll recruit our team for help during your busiest season. After hours answering service, overflow call coverage, and around the clock support are all available for the contractors we serve.

Even better, our virtual receptionists do so much more than simply field calls. Capturing leads, providing accurate message delivery, screening/transferring calls, improving the customer service experience, and helping businesses capitalize on their marketing efforts are just a few of the areas where MAP can help. When you choose MAP Communications to provide your contractor answering service, you aren’t simply paying for a service each month. Instead, you’re hiring an employee to work for your business who is dedicated to helping you succeed.

Fully Customized Contractor Call Center Services

Your callers are never treated to the typical call center experience. Our live answering service for contractors ensures that calls are picked up quickly and answered with professionalism. Gone are the days when your customers sit on hold listening to elevator music before being transferred to a well-meaning but clueless agent. Based in the United States, our team is bilingual and ready to speak with anyone who might be calling with questions or concerns.

Image of a call center agent providing contractor answering servicesJust because you’re passing along your calls doesn’t mean you’re passing over control, either. MAP’s scripts are highly customizable, allowing you to plan out the exact questions you’d like to ask callers and the information you’d like to gather, as well as the exact answers you’d like to pass along when clients call in. Because all of our calls are logged in our online system, you can easily refer back to specific calls any time you’d like. In fact, our secure online portal serves as a valuable tool to help you better manage your contracting business.

Allow yourself to grow in your trade and let your bottom line flourish by partnering with MAP. Entrusting your calls to our friendly, resourceful agents will give you the freedom to unplug and focus on what matters most to your business. Shift your mindset and get rid of those extra hats by outsourcing administrative tasks to MAP virtual receptionists.

Our virtual receptionists got your telephone calls covered no matter what your expertise!

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Utilizing a live contractor answering service will allow you to:

  • Concentrate on growing your business while providing your new and existing customers with an extremely professional phone experience
  • Prioritize callers, because our live service will obtain all the important information from them
  • Have peace of mind, knowing a professional answering service is dealing with your callers’ concerns with care, when you’re not able to
  • Design a custom telephone answering solution to fit your own unique criteria
  • Supervise and manage your staff, your jobs and activities and measure our performance with our answering service and call center online tools

And one more thing to keep in mind. When you choose MAP Communications to provide your contractor answering service, you aren’t simply paying for a service each month. Instead, you’re hiring an employee to work for your business who is dedicated to helping you succeed. We are an employee owned company, so we have a vested interest in your success.

If you’re ready to give MAP’s contractor answering services a try, reach out today to begin your free, week-long trial of a live, customized plan. Designed to be risk and obligation free, this trial requires no signatures or deposits, just an open mind and a willingness to try new things. Call today to speak with one of our helpful representatives about beginning your trial.

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