Answering Service for Dentists

24/7 Answering Service for Dentists

Image of an oral hygienist who uses a dental answering serviceDietary habits, hygiene and a variety of other factors all work together to ensure that dentists’ offices remain busy. Whether your practice is sizable and established or small and brand new, it is always a challenge to remain financially successful while also devoting the necessary resources to provide top of the line dental care. Keeping close tabs on expenses is as important as ever in today’s economy, and businesses small and large are having to cut costs wherever possible in order to remain successful. In a climate such as this, how is it possible for dental offices to minimize costs while maximizing customer satisfaction?

Investing in a dental answering service can often be the best solution to manage an issue such as this, but not just any medical industry call answering service will do. Many call centers are impersonal, detached from the individual needs of the callers, and uninterested in satisfaction of the clients. Customers and clients have specific needs that must be met each time they call the office. They don’t want to talk to an unknowledgeable telemarketer; they want to an expert who can answer their questions and point them in the right direction. They don’t want to be limited to office hours; they want someone available to answer their calls day and night.

At MAP Communications, we provide you just that.

As a 24/7 answering service for dentists, we guarantee that each of your incoming calls, regardless of quantity or time of day, are answered in a timely manner and with professional excellence. Our MAP receptionists, driven by end of the month incentives, are constantly working to improve the quality of their service. MAP offers dental offices a number of unique benefits:

  • A team of dedicated dental answering service receptionists who are trained to meet the specific needs of your practice
  • Greatly increased availability for you and your staff to focus on providing your in-house clients with superior services
  • Full access to call management and tracking tools that enable you to regularly monitor and evaluate our performance.

We want to be more than a call answering service for your dental office. We truly want to be an extension of your office. We understand that our performance will be a reflection of your practice, so it is our utmost objective to provide each caller with a personalized, warm, and satisfactory interaction.

If your dental office is spending too much time answering calls, MAP Communications is the perfect choice for your practice. With our IT prowess and our one of a kind business model, our 24/7 dental answering service offers dentists a type of experience that is unmatched in the industry.

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