Who We Are

We are proud to be a 100% Employee-Owned Company!

MAP Communications New Office

MAP Communications is a business that is fully owned by the people who are providing your call center services. We believe this is the ideal business model, because being employee-owned is great for us AND it’s great for our clients!

What it means for our clients

You’re speaking to one of the owners every time you call!

We are a fully employee-owned company, which means each member of our staff is much more than just another employee. Each of us has a vested financial interest in ensuring the success of every customer we service. With our success hinging on yours, you can be sure we are bringing our A-game to every single thing we do.

When you are choosing a call center partner, it’s the equivalent of interviewing someone to sit behind your front desk to be the face of your organization. Since we are an employee-owned business, when you hire us you are hiring a team that is fully invested in the experience each caller has when they dial your number. We handle each call in a way that represents your company exactly the way you would.

Full employee ownership also means the tenure of our receptionists is tops in the industry, so you can expect every call to be cared for with the most experience and professionalism possible. Your phone calls are being handled by representatives who have been around and are familiar with your industry. That is extremely hard to find in the call center world that is often known for its turnover. So you can take comfort in the fact that your callers are getting to speak with the best and brightest receptionists around!

What it means for us

Being an employee-owner instills a tremendous sense of pride. Most people don’t get the opportunity to look at a successful company and say to themselves, (or anyone who asks), “That’s my business. I helped build that.”

It also creates a feeling of belonging. When you stick around with a company, the place you work, the people you work with, and the clients you take care of all become a part of who you are. We have the longest average tenure for employees. Our people like where they work and we commonly promote from within.

Another great thing about being an employee-owned business is the level of trust that comes with it. You know you can count on your co-workers and managers to do their best and make good decisions, because everyone has skin in the game. You want to do your best, because you know it has an impact on the people you sit next to every day.

Being employee-owned is not just about the intangibles though. There is a financial incentive. The better work we do, the more the company grows. And the more the company grows, the more each of our shares are worth. So if you do great work and put in your time, you have the opportunity to be in a much more comfortable situation when you decide it’s time to hang up your headset.

MAP Communications is a company that takes care of its own. And that’s the kind of place people want to be. That’s the type of business people want to be involved with.