Glass Repair

Take great care of all your callers with glass repair answering services and call centers solutions from MAP Communications.

Image of broken glass

Glass damage can happen at the most inopportune times and broken glass can shatter anybody’s day. Be there to help your customers pick up the pieces (and install the new ones) with call coverage from MAP!

When calling for repair, the last thing customers want to hear is a busy signal or voicemail. With their home, business, or vehicle’s security on the line, callers will simply hang up and dial another company. When a missed call means lost business, many companies in the glass industry turn to glass repair answering services from MAP Communications for help with the administrative load.

All it takes is one hail storm to send people scrambling for a glass repair company. Being unprepared for an influx of calls means you could miss out on a ton of revenue. We ensure you are always ready to answer the call and provide excellent service whether people are recovering from a catastrophic weather event or someone was simply the victim of a rogue golf ball.

MAP offers a variety of call center services for glass repair companies. These tools are the ideal way to prioritize the customer experience without sacrificing the time that’s so often required for such calls. Partner with MAP to kiss unwanted distractions and missed opportunities goodbye. With 24/7 availability and bilingual support for callers, we provide the ultimate customer service at affordable, flexible rates.

Glass Repair Answering and Virtual Receptionist Services

Image of an auto glass repair company that uses an answering serviceAuto and home glass repair call center services can help bolster your office’s existing administrative team. For a fraction of what it might cost to hire a new full-time receptionist, our glass repair answering service can serve as your first line of defense to capture opportunities when new customers call for information. Shift these calls to MAP and we’ll walk prospective customers through any questions or concerns they might have about your offerings.

Our call center for glass repair companies can also provide call screening and forwarding services. This is the perfect way for busy managers to gain a better work/life balance. Allow our highly-trained agents to forward only the most important calls onto your direct line or to any other applicable departments. We can also schedule appointments and provide dispatching services for busy technicians working in the field.

When your callers require dedicated support, consider MAP’s virtual receptionist for glass repair businesses. These professionals work diligently to learn your company’s procedures inside out. Should a customer call with detailed questions about your process, policies, or another concern, our virtual receptionists will be there to handle the conversation with patience and understanding.

Cutting Edge Technology

MAP uses the most cutting edge technology available to manage incoming calls. Our answering services for glass repair companies includes simple, secure access to call data, customer records, and other analytics to help you keep a finger on the pulse. Be as hands-on or hands-free as you’d like – the choice is yours.

Image of a person standing near broken glassOur convenient call center services for contractors are easy to turn on and off as business ebbs and flows. If you hope to take the weekend off, for instance, you can have MAP cover the phones while you relax and recharge. Should you return to the office and want your staff to take over receptionist duties again, you can do so in an instant. This flexibility makes our glass repair answering service a must have for businesses of all sizes.

Put MAP Virtual Receptionist Services for Glass Repair Businesses to Work for You

Your callers are often at their wit’s end by the time they pick up the phone, because broken glass can put a damper on any day. This is your opportunity to save the day! With MAP on the line, you can treat your customers to patient, resourceful support at any time of day or night. This caliber of customer service can be a serious game changer; many businesses even see an increased number of positive online reviews after partnering with a glass repair answering service like MAP.

If you’re ready to give MAP a try, sign up for our free, week-long trial. For seven days, you’ll enjoy all the perks of a partnership with MAP – with zero commitment or stress. When the week is up, we know you’ll be ready to make MAP a member of your team with one of our flexible plans that features affordable pricing. Start your free trial today!

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