Government Answering Service and Answering and Virtual Receptionist Services for Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies

The requirement for detailed communications and information reporting continues to be a priority for all government officials and program offices. Our Government Answering Service is the reliable solution you require.

Image of the United States Capitol that uses a government answering service

Government Answering Service and Call Center for Government Agencies

MAP has been providing government offices with our world class telephone answering and call center services since 1991. Our extensive call answering experience with all levels of Federal, State, City, and Municipal government offices ensures that your departments will receive the optimum level of professional call handling and message processing that is required of all your important communications.

Calls received by government offices are often among some of the most important conversations happening in our country. Even when the subject matter is not life or death, incoming calls often need immediate attention. In such circumstances, there’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with an automated voicemail system and being placed on hold. Since many government agencies already battle reputations as uncaring, cold and inefficient, phone frustrations only add to the caller’s exasperation.

Image of live agents providing government call center servicesThankfully, there are resources available for government offices hoping to combat this reputation. MAP Communications has been serving government agencies at the local, state and federal levels since 1991. By ensuring departments receive only the highest quality of call handling and message processing, MAP sets the standard for government answering services. We pride ourselves on lifting the burden of continuously ringing phones and complaining callers, allowing your team to focus on projects in the office without being constantly interrupted.

Our experience in the field of government call center services makes us experts on adhering to government rules and regulations. MAP’s team of highly trained customer service representatives ensure compliance with government communications requirements while maintaining high standards for customer service. You’ll never miss a call again, nor worry about the call center team overlooking an important rule. It’s as easy as forwarding your calls to our offices and getting back to projects that demand your attention.

100% Custom Answering Service for Government Based on Your Agency’s Requirements

Image of government building that uses answering service for government agenciesPart of the key to our joint success is the way we tailor our services specifically to your requirements. By working with our clients in government to understand the precise messaging they would like to convey, MAP creates a custom script that is the foundation for a successful call center solution for government agencies. Don’t want our agents conveying a certain idea or phrase to customers? No problem. Everything our team communicates is customizable. This comes in handy, particularly with government agencies who need to stay on a singular message and not stray from their communication guidelines.

MAP is so much more than a call center for government agencies. Because of our state-of-the-art tech tools, clients can easily track data and analyze call patterns. Additionally, our bilingual agents ensure there is never a communication barrier between Spanish-speaking callers and your agency. Whether you work out of a municipal office for local government or you are part of a larger state or federal agency, we’re committed to providing the highest level of care for your callers.

With MAP Call Center Services for Government Agencies You Can Be Sure:

  • When you or your representatives are away from your office, your calls will be received, documented precisely and processed in a timely fashion to your attention for proper review and action.
  • We understand the intense level of government office regulations requiring that your live calls are to be answered, documented and processed according to strict procedures.
  • Your telephone calls will be received and processed by our specially trained live receptionists to ensure the highest levels of quality control at all times.
  • Your own employees will have access to our proprietary, secure online portals which provide a wealth of real-time call answering and message management resources for sophisticated and detailed live call tracking and analysis.

Because we work remotely, there’s no need to clean out a cubicle for us. Since you only pay for the time we spend actually answering calls, you won’t need to justify expensive administrative costs, either. Allow MAP to be the professional voice of your organization and give yourself freedom from the phone. If you’re ready to tell us about your unique requirements and learn more about how we can customize the perfect government call center service for you, simply give us a call or fill out this form and a member of our team will listen to your goals and walk you through what our government answering service can do for you.

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