Government Answering Service

Government Answering Service Solutions: Federal, State, Local

The requirement for detailed communications and information reporting continues to be a priority for all Government officials and program offices. Our Government Answering Service is the reliable solution you require.


MAP has been providing Government offices with our world class telephone answering and call center services since 1991. Our extensive call answering experience with all levels of Federal, State, City, and Municipal government offices ensures that your departments will receive the optimum level of professional call handling and message processing that is required of all your important communications.

With MAP you can be sure:

  • When you or your representatives are away from your office, your calls will be received, documented precisely and processed in a timely fashion to your attention for proper review and action.
  • We understand the intense level of government office regulations requiring that your live calls are to be answered, documented and processed according to strict procedures.
  • Your telephone calls will be received and processed by our specially trained live receptionists to ensure the highest levels of quality control at all times.
  • Your own employees will have access to our proprietary online portals which provide a wealth of real-time call answering and message management resources for sophisticated and detailed live call tracking and analysis.

With MAP Government Answering Service, the extent of call and message detailing is customized to your individual office requirements, which we guarantee will provide the best accuracy for all of your messages. Receiving accurate and timely message information from your associates, clients and other government officials – then immediately processing and providing your employees access to these important message communications – is priority one for all our Government partners.

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