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From large universities to small colleges, MAP higher education answering service specializes in refining campus communications for potential and existing students as well as faculty and staff.

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Answering Services for Colleges and Higher Education Call Center

Universities and other higher education institutions are home to a variety of unique customer service opportunities. From students calling about financial aid to parents requesting graduation weekend information, the range of questions can be immense. Colleges are often on the receiving end of a large volume of calls. The sheer number of people dialing in to ask questions can quickly overwhelm even the most carefully planned strategies. Thankfully, MAP Communications offers an education answering service to help streamline the administrative duties of colleges and universities across the country.

Image of four receptionists working at a higher education call centerMAP’s virtual receptionists are highly trained professionals eager to help support your callers based on your school’s requirements. By enlisting the help of a higher education call center, you ensure that all of your calls are picked up quickly by experienced, competent customer service representatives. We train all of our team members to handle each caller exactly the way your office and administration would. This provides a seamless communication process that makes sure your callers are well taken care of and your in-house staff can focus on staying productive without the constant interruption of a ringing phone.

That’s because the employees at MAP are an extension of your own administrative team. Rather than thinking of us as just an answering service for colleges, consider our receptionists the newest members of your staff. We’re not just limited to basic questions about your offerings; MAP can provide details on class availabilities, due dates, office hours, e-mail and tax forms, class locations and other important information. Our partnership allows your employees to provide the best possible in-person service while we handle the phones.

Fully Flexible and Customized Education Answering Service

MAP’s live support offerings are endlessly customizable. Not just an answering service for universities, MAP can serve as your college’s switchboard operator, directing callers to the appropriate departments and answering simple frequently asked questions. We can support the admissions department, providing prospective students with round-the-clock service and other crucial information that will help them choose your institution for enrollment. By connecting these callers with counselors and respective programs of interest, we ensure that all callers to your school, college or university receive the information and assistance they need, giving them the best impression of your educational facilities.

Image of college students graduating from a university that uses an education answering serviceThe IT department can also be supported by MAP. Our team is full of tech savvy agents, ready to help troubleshoot problems and redirect calls based on the issue at hand. Even the Alumni Office can benefit from MAP’s education answering services. Allow us to communicate details about alumni events, collect RSVPs and share announcements with callers. The business office, financial services and office of public safety can reap similar rewards, with a call center for universities supplying callers with details about payment deadlines, canceled classes and form distribution.

MAP offers so much more than simple phone answering services. By providing universities and colleges with a full suite of management tools to handle their incoming calls, MAP ensures employees can focus on student success rather than getting bogged down by distracting administrative tasks.

MAP Education Answering Service Reviews

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Some of the ways MAP answering services for colleges can support your university:

  • Switchboard: Our call center becomes an extension of your campus and we are able to answer frequently asked questions as well as transfer callers to the appropriate department for further assistance.
  • Admissions: Prospective students are calling 24/7 and this contact is vital in the relationship building process that begins with the first personal contact. Customized telephone answering relays the school’s message of excellence as well as obtains important lead information which may otherwise be lost. This phase of call handling directly impacts your revenue stream. Various call routing options are available for potential students in order to meet the requirements of each school. Potential students may be transferred to a counselor according to level (Graduate or Undergraduate), program of interest, demographics or alphabetically. MAP provides thorough prequalification services to ensure the student meets the minimum criteria of each program of interest. Email distribution directly following the call transfer provides the counselor with immediate information or may serve as an opportunity to recover a lead if the caller chose not to leave a voice-mail message once transferred.
  • IT Department: Essential troubleshooting and call distribution based on the issue at hand. The submission and updating of technical tickets, submitting requests for A/V equipment rental, providing information on equipment availability and relaying rental policies are a few of our service offerings.
  • Alumni Office: Alumni events are recurring and MAP assists by providing alumni announcements of upcoming events, collecting RSVP’s and obtaining messages for personnel within the office.
  • Business Office: MAP advises students of new announcements, provides information on how to obtain and fill out all forms, distributes forms via email or fax, provides office hour information, redirects callers with account holds as well as provides after hours messaging for department members.
  • Financial Services: MAP advises faculty and staff of new announcements such as when W-2’s were mailed, provides information on the mailing of paychecks, paycheck delays as well as provides after hours answering and messaging for department members.
  • Security/Public Safety Office: MAP alerts the Public Safety Office as events happen across campus such as class cancellations and faculty that required classroom access. MAP can also forward lost and found inquiries and transfer callers in need of assistance directly a public safety official.
  • Financial Aid Office: MAP services the Financial Aid Office by emailing forms, connecting students to particular staff members to resolve holds as well as assists staff members with after-hours messaging. We can also provide a checklist of financial aid requirements.

If you’d like to learn more about our higher education call center services, give us a call or fill out this form. One of our team members will be in touch so you can tell us about your specific communication goals and we can discuss what an ideal education answering service would look like for you.

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