MAP Communications call center and phone answering services for utility companies provides an affordable way for you to be there for your customers on a 24/7 basis.

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Every phone call is important, but some are more time-sensitive than others. The calls made to utility companies are often about gas leaks, water main breakages or power outages. These infrastructure services are frequently taken for granted by the general public. When something goes wrong, customers want a way to voice their concerns. In the midst of an emergency, the last thing your customers will want to hear is a voicemail box. Offer your callers the best customer service during good times and bad with help from a utility call center.

Perhaps you don’t send your callers to voicemail. Many utility companies invest in sophisticated systems in which callers can speak to a computer to lodge a complaint. While this kind of system should work well in theory, the reality is that many callers will just hang up upon hearing a robotic system in place or get frustrated by not having a real person to speak to. No matter how advanced your system might be, callers will want to speak to a live representative in their times of need. A utility answering service can ensure your callers have the most satisfying customer service experience possible.

Image of the MAP Communications utility industry call center teamUnlike other businesses, your work for the day doesn’t end at 5:00. Even beyond traditional hours, you and your colleagues are expected to provide seamless service to your customers. When something goes wrong, callers will want to speak with you regardless of the time of day. Emergencies can happen at any time, which is why partnering with a utility company answering service is such a good idea. With highly-trained, experienced virtual receptionists standing by 24 hours a day, your callers will never experience the frustration of trying to report an issue but getting sent to voicemail in the early hours of the morning.

Fully Customized Call Center Services for Utilities Providers

Concerned about getting the phone experience just right for your callers? MAP Communications answering services for utility companies allows for total customization of the script from which our representatives work. This level of control allows you and your team to spread the exact messaging you’d like shared with the public. A utilities call center with this level of customization can also ensure protocols are being observed and calls are being routed to the appropriate person.

Curious about how a utility industry call center could work with your business’ requirements? In addition to all we’ve mentioned so far, you should know that our representatives are bilingual. As America becomes increasingly diverse, so will your base of customers. Be prepared to meet their needs, too, with a bilingual representative ready to help.

Learn More About Our Answering and Call Center Services for Some Specific Types of Utility Companies

Oil, Gas, and Propane – From local gas utilities and propane delivery businesses to oil refineries and distribution companies.

Sewer, Septic, and Sanitation – Local sewer departments, septic tank/line installation and maintenance businesses, and portable sanitation companies.

Electricity Providers – Electrical power companies big and small across the country

Solar Power Companies – Businesses in the solar panel installation, service, and repair industry.

Take the Service Your Utility Company Provides to the Next Level by Seeing What the MAP Difference is All About

Allow our call center service for utility providers to ease communication challenges in your office. Give our utilities call center a try today by taking advantage of our risk-free, week-long free trial. There is no obligation, nor any contracts to sign. As a sneak peek of what we can do for your company, the trial is designed to show off our stuff. To get started with your free trial, fill out this form and one of our helpful representatives will be in touch soon!

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