Call Center and Answering Services for Car Dealerships

Focus on your in-person clients and sell more vehicles while your MAP car dealership answering service handles your calls.

Image of a car salesman selling a vehicle while the car dealership answering service covers the phones

The showroom floor of a car dealership is often a frenzied place. Employees racing between customers to land deals, settle complaints and strategize with fellow team members can indeed lead to chaos. Amidst the madness, it’s easy for customers to feel lost in the shuffle. This is especially true of customers calling in for assistance. With such an important purchase on the line, few customers are willing to put up with being placed on hold. Instead, they often hang up and dial a competitor instead.

With your employees on the floor dealing with customers in person, it’s worth investing in a car dealership answering service. Not only will such a service free up your team to tackle walk-ins, you’ll also garner a higher level of customer service for each caller who dials up your dealership. MAP Communications is the best answer for busy car dealerships who are eager to put customers first.

Buying a car looks much different than it did in the past. Consumers are savvy, spending hours on auto sale apps and websites. They do their research and know what they want when they come through the door. The traditional mode of courting a customer and selling them on a specific make or model is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Should potential customers call and reach an automated call system, they’ll simply hang up and seek out another dealership to get the car they want. Competition is fierce, and nobody knows that like car dealers. Answering services for car dealerships can help ensure a friendly voice picks up the phone every time it rings.

Fully customized call center services for car dealers

Image of the MAP Communications car dealership call center teamMore than just a kind voice at the end of the line, MAP Communications offers a high level of customizability to our clients. Your car dealership answering service script can be customized so your sales agents don’t miss out on a potential sale. Work hand-in-hand with our team of highly experienced virtual receptionists to design a script for the MAP team to work from. Our team of professional, friendly receptionists are available to handle calls after hours, during busy times, or even 24/7.

In addition to our customer service offerings, MAP can help dealerships handle call routing. If you’ve ever been frustrated by calls bouncing around your department, allow us to step in. We’ll make sure you receive only the calls you’d like, ensuring you’re not interrupted during particularly busy moments. Additionally, we can capture leads, help schedule test drives and service appointments along with other customer service inquiries.

A call center for car dealerships can give you the administrative advantage you need to stay at the top of your game. With nearly thirty years of experience, MAP Communications has become a leader in the car dealer answering service industry. Fully based in the United States, MAP is employee-owned and operated. You can rest easy knowing that our success is tied directly to yours. That means we treat your callers as our own. To get started with our transportation answering and virtual receptionist services, give us a call for a free, week-long trial of our live answering services for car dealerships.

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