Emergency Restoration Answering Service

24/7 Answering Service for the Emergency Restoration Industry

When disaster strikes, timing is everything. A quick response is critical!

Image of flooded houses prepared to get in contact with an emergency restoration answering service

When property damage occurs your customers expect an accurate and fast response. We understand Water-Fire-Mold-Bio-hazard calls require sensitive and superior customer service. When disaster strikes and you’ve got a “cat” event on your hands, timing is everything. Callers will nearly always keep dialing until they reach a live person to talk to who says they are on their way. That’s just reality. And that’s why we provide the best emergency restoration answering service out there.

Callers that dial in needing your restoration services due to a catastrophic event want assistance ASAP, so our virtual receptionists are trained to keep your potential clients on the line until they hear that you’re going to help them. Unless you specify otherwise, we aim to get callers, whether they are commercial or residential, in touch with your technicians within seconds. We don’t want to risk you losing a job because the caller hung up and dialed your competitor. And as we understand, each call is crucial to your business, because there is no such thing as a $200 water removal project. Each job like that brings in a lot of money for you and it’s our goal to help you get as many clients as you can handle.

Is your reputation reliable? With MAP Communications emergency restoration answering service, it can be. Do you work with insurance companies, adjusters, or agents? We know that building a strong relationship with these people can play a big role in growing your emergency restoration business. That’s why we like to help make things as easy as possible for insurance agents to strengthen that relationship between the two of you so they will put more money in your pocket.

Utilizing MAP will allow you to:

  • Have urgent callers transferred directly to you translating into more new business more often
  • Be the first restoration specialist a caller speaks to maximizing your opportunity
  • Prioritize your call backs because we’ll obtain all the important information for you
  • Have a custom built script that we’ll use to take care of your callers and gather information just like you would
  • Design a custom answering service message delivery solution to fit your own unique criteria
  • Take advantage of automated message confirmation services to ensure emergencies do not turn into disasters.
  • Work on your Business not in your Business

MAP is not simply an emergency restoration answering service; it’s an entire message management support system that enables you to achieve transparency in message delivery. Find out today why thousands of Emergency Restoration Specialists around the country trust MAP to be their answering service. Have peace of mind knowing that someone is dealing with your callers’ concerns with care on a 24/7 basis.


View a phone recording of how a MAP receptionist assists this caller in a real life scenario for an emergency restoration company.

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