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Legal Intake and Answering Services for Attorneys

There are few offices more bustling than those of a law firm. From the moment the front door is unlocked in the morning, staffers work tirelessly on behalf of their clients. In the frenzy of client meetings, legal research and case investigations, it’s easy to miss out on important phone calls. Too often, a missed call means lost business. When competition is fierce, customer service counts more than ever. Many busy lawyers are turning to MAP’s attorney receptionist service to support their in-house administrative staff.

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For nearly three decades, we have been partnering with lawyers and law offices to provide legal intake service and attorney answering services. Our understanding of the legal profession enables us to help you focus on the case at hand while still taking care of your other clients and seizing the opportunity to bring on new ones. It’s our goal to work with you to create and customize the perfect legal answering service for your particular area of expertise in law.

When people need to speak with an attorney, they NEED to speak with an attorney. And if someone needs a legal professional and can’t speak with a live person, they won’t bother leaving a voicemail and just hoping for a call back. They will hang up and call another lawyer.

Some businesses can get away with answering machines and receptionists who only work during business hours. That’s not true for busy attorneys and law firms whose clients’ livelihoods are often on the line 24 hours a day.

Because current clients have pressing needs and potential clients have urgent matters, lawyers looking to provide stellar service and grow their practice can’t afford to leave callers hanging. An attorney answering service can be an invaluable tool for busy lawyers and firms that can’t possibly pick up every call they receive. MAP Communications has partnered with legal professionals for nearly three decades, which is why we’re one of the leading virtual receptionist services for attorneys in the United States.

Our Law Firm Answering Service Offerings

MAP’s call center for attorneys is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because our team is highly trained to work from custom scripts prepared specifically for each client, you’ll never need to worry about impersonal or uninformed virtual receptionists answering your calls. Instead, you can rest assured knowing that callers will be handled by resourceful professionals who are eager to bring a polished phone presence to your practice.

Image of a call center agent providing lawyer answering serviceA legal answering service can offer you so more than just a voice on the end of a phone line, though. Our virtual receptionists can help schedule appointments, screen/transfer calls based on your requirements, collect information about new cases from potential clients, and assist with callers who do not speak English thanks to our bilingual agents. Featuring a high level of personalization and stellar customer support every time the phone rings, MAP is the administrative solution for which you’ve been searching.

We have a proven record of helping attorneys and law firms keep overhead low thanks to our legal answering services. Whether it is with a basic telephone answering service for attorneys who practice on their own or a fully customized call center plan for larger firms, we build cost-effective plans to save you money. Besides, it makes far more sense to use an affordable lawyer answering service and let paralegals focus on cases rather than wasting their expertise on answering the phones. Our services are also designed to help you maximize your return on any advertising you might be doing. In the end, our attorney answering service doesn’t just make sense, it makes dollars and cents.

Some of our clients in the world of law rely on MAP for legal intake services. We answer the phone calls from prospective clients, follow a list of intake questions built to your specifications, and proceed along the guidelines of an agreed upon protocol. This is a great, cost-effective method for ensuring your law firm is matched with the clients you see as an ideal fit.

At MAP, providing telephone answering for attorneys means being available whenever you prefer to have your calls covered. It means never putting your callers on hold as they always have our full attention. And it means you never miss an opportunity to bring on a new client or take care of an existing one. Our legal call answering service is provided by professional receptionists who have experience in the legal industry handling all the types of calls your office typically receives. Whenever you’d like your calls handled by one of our expert receptionists, simply forward your phone line to us and your customized, virtual answering service for lawyers will be on the job.

MAP Communications Law Firm Scheduling Integrations

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Assisting All Practice Areas with Live Answering Service for Attorneys

No two law firms are exactly alike, which is why we tailor our services to each individual client’s requirements. MAP’s understanding of the legal profession allows us to hone in on the uniquely specific intricacies of your practice.  From large law firms that only require legal answering services after hours and over the weekend to solo practitioners who enjoy the benefits of our 24-hour availability, we’ve got your legal specialty covered. Just some of the areas of expertise we commonly provide attorney answering service for are: Criminal, Personal Injury, Corporate, Medical Malpractice, Immigration, Bankruptcy, Real Estate, DUI, Family, Employment/Labor, and Estate/Trust/Elder Law.

Image of two lawyers that use a law firm answering serviceCriminal Law: There are few things scarier than being accused of a crime and arrested for it, and using your one phone call to leave a voicemail for your criminal attorney can make a bad situation even more grim. While you’d like to be there for your clients in their time of need, you’re a busy legal professional who is handling other cases, appearing in court, and perhaps even trying to have some semblance of a personal life. Give your clients the peace of mind they need in their most stressful moments by having MAP on the line 24 hours a day. Our professional, friendly virtual receptionists can provide the confidence you and your clients need when circumstances are dire.
Learn more about our criminal law answering service for defense attorneys.

Family Law: From divorce and custody battles to adoptions and marriage, family law attorneys help clients navigate both happy and difficult life situations. Attorneys specializing in family law are often tasked with important negotiations requiring sensitivity and around-the-clock availability. Thankfully, MAP’s attorney phone answering service can assist busy lawyers with their administrative duties, giving them more time to focus on the difficult mediation that is so often needed by divorcing couples. Give your clients the assurance they need in both your practice and in their future with 24-hour availability. Learn more about our attorney answering service for family lawyers.

Image of a courtroom with lawyers that use a legal answering servicePersonal Injury: Called upon after some of life’s scariest moments, personal injury attorneys handle claims with an unparalleled level of professionalism and precision. Because many callers reaching out to such law firms are often shaken up after accidents, fearful of the future and unsure of their legal rights, MAP provides the same quality customer service that so many personal injury attorneys stake their name upon. We believe that it’s not just good business to do so, it’s the right thing to do for those in need.
Learn more about our law answering service for personal injury attorneys.

Corporate Law: In a global society, corporate law firms must operate 24 hours a day in order to serve clients around the world. As you’re heading home for the night, your clients across the globe are likely just beginning their days. Corporate law firms who support international businesses must be available to answer urgent calls day and night. And even if all your corporate clients reside in the same time zone as you, a missed call is a missed opportunity to provide the type of excellent service your clients expect. A law firm answering service can help lighten the load of busy attorneys who need only the most urgent of messages passed on to them after traditional business hours. Learn more about our attorney answering services for corporate law firms.

Immigration Law: Prospective clients may frequently reach out to your firm under dire circumstances. Whether they’re hoping for visa extension to continue working in the United States or require support for a deported family member, callers are often at their wit’s end. By the time they pick up the phone to dial an immigration lawyer, they’re eager for your advocacy and expertise. With MAP’s attorney receptionist service on hand, your callers will be treated to compassionate bilingual support any time of day or night. Learn more about our attorney answering services for immigration lawyers.

Estate/Trust/Elder Law: Seniors and their loved ones require patient assistance with matters of their estate. Given just how much is riding on the legal services they’re requesting, clients of estate, trust, and elder law firms deserve your full attention. Too often, though, firms are too bogged down with meetings, court appearances, and legal research to answer the phone each time it rings. MAP’s attorney receptionist service ensures thoughtful support for every caller, every time. Learn more about our attorney answering services for estate, trust, and elder law.

MAP Attorney Answering Service Reviews

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The Best Answering Service for Lawyers Offers Administrative Support On-demand

Whether you’re away from your desk for a client meeting, an important hearing or for some much-needed time off, rest assured that you’ll never miss another call again. That’s MAP’s guarantee. The best part? You only pay for the time our team spends with your clients, making this a cost-effective solution for practices hesitant to expand their own administrative staff.

While you could certainly hire another receptionist to your in-house team, MAP attorney receptionist service and legal intake services are more affordable and flexible than any single individual you might employ. Lawyers already short on time can skip over the hiring process and instead partner with MAP. Training employees takes time, and the expense of supplying a new hire with a desk, computer, and other tools adds up fast. Factor in the added cost of sick leave, vacation days, and other benefits, too, and you’ll see how affordable MAP’s call center for attorneys is by comparison.

Opting to use an attorney answering service doesn’t mean sacrificing quality, either. We work from customized call scripts to ensure we meet the same high standards to which you hold your in-house team. Our agents have a plethora of experience working with law firms and their clients, which is part of why MAP is one of the leading call center companies for lawyers in the world. Not only can we ensure your phone is picked up every time it rings, we can also increase the productivity and the efficiency of every call we take. Contact us today to begin your free seven-day attorney phone answering service trial.

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