Family Law Attorney Answering Service

Emotions often run high in the field of family law, which is why it’s so important to have an answering service for family law attorneys that can skillfully assist your callers with empathy and reliability.

Image of a room with family members and family law attorneys making a negotiation while an answering service for family lawyers covers the phones

Few professions require the degree of urgency and sensitivity required of family lawyers. Helping people resolve issues like adoption, divorce and child support often means long hours and difficult conversations. Even when you’re in the courtroom, your phone continues to ring. The sheer number of calls to return and messages to follow up on can eat away at your day. A family law attorney answering service can help you address these challenges with professionalism and care.

As a family law attorney, you have no choice but to be available to clients eager to resolve their legal problems. Clients may frequently call your office looking for updates about custody or other child-related issues. Other callers may be inquiring about hiring an attorney to take their case. Too often, a missed call means a missed opportunity. Thankfully, a family lawyer answering service can ensure you never miss another call.

Our team of highly trained virtual receptionists can be the secret weapon you rely on in the busiest of times. Experienced agents can answer the questions of prospective clients and offer insight into your firm. They can also handle sensitive details with care and compassion. A virtual receptionist for family attorneys knows that not every call is urgent and can take messages when necessary and put only the most important of calls through to you. Our attorney answering service team can also help manage your calendar and schedule appointments.

Manage and Grow Your Practice with MAP Family Lawyer Answering Services

MAP offers more than just an answering service for family attorneys with an entire suite of online tools to help make your work day more efficient. Using our online portal, you can quickly look at call data or manage your account. Our services are as hands-on as you’d like them to be. We even work with you to create a customized script for handling specific client interactions and questions. We pride ourselves on meeting the exact specifications of our family law clients.

Image of a virtual receptionist providing answering service for family court attorneysConsider, too, the benefit of having a friendly, helpful representative answering every phone call that comes through to your law office. In such a sensitive field, it’s important to convey to clients that you’re both available and understanding of the challenges they face. Many times, when a prospective client reaches a voicemail or automated intake system, they will simply hang up and reach out to your competitors instead. By working with an answering service for family attorneys, you ensure there is always an empathetic voice on your end of the line. This kind of emphasis on customer care will quickly earn you a stellar reputation in your community, which often leads to increased business.

If you’re hoping to partner with an answering service for family court attorneys, look no further than MAP Communications. We’ve become a leader in our field by offering stellar administrative support for more than two decades. Not only are our employees experienced and highly trained, but many are also bilingual. This comes especially in handy when working with diverse communities.

Every time you call MAP Communications, you’re speaking with one of the owners of the company. Because our success is tied directly with yours, you can rest easy knowing that we treat your clients like our own. The ideal partner for your live answering, virtual receptionist and call center requirements, MAP is offering a free trial of our family law attorney answering services. Get started today!

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