Answering Services for Elevators

Whether it’s an emergency or routine maintenance, our elevator answering service is always available to quickly answer the call.

Image of an emergency call button in an elevator that connects people with an elevator answering service

When you step into an elevator, you expect to reach your floor safely and without delay but what happens when there is an issue? Most of us have never been trapped in an elevator, but what would you do if it happened to you? Your gut reaction might be to reach for your cell phone, but even modern mobile phones will struggle to receive a signal when you are sandwiched between steel and concrete. Thankfully, all elevators are equipped with the ability to call out for help either through a phone or a call button. When you’re dealing with an elevator emergency, the call agent on the other end of the line needs to be confident, calm, and competent. When elevator passengers are in a crisis, who is answering your elevator calls?

At MAP Communications, we know how critical elevator calls are. That is why we have specifically created a call answering service for elevators and the companies responsible for them. Whether it’s an emergency or routine maintenance, our call agents are trained to handle it. We answer entrapment calls from those who are stuck in elevators. We also answer calls from staff with maintenance or status updates.  We’ll even field calls when elevators are shut down for routine work or emergencies.

MAP virtual receptionists can get the caller’s name and location as well as a statement of what issues they are facing. If they are calling for an emergency, we can notify the proper officials with location, elevator, and caller ID for that area, then let the caller know a technician is on the way.

If our customers manage multiple properties, we have the ability to maintain a database of those properties, the elevators within, and the specific phone numbers associated with each one. We can alert the property managers, contact your on-call elevator technician and so much more. When elevator calls go out as false alarms or pranks, we will screen these calls, but make a notation of it for you so you can prioritize your time efficiently.

In a busy office building, there are so many people who are counting on the elevator to work properly. When there is an outage, it’s crucial to inform the right officials and get things up and running as soon as possible. When issues arise, we facilitate internal communication between property managers and elevator maintenance service providers.

Our answering services for elevators are not one size fits all. We work with you to develop the perfect elevator answering service for your specific property. Each elevator and building receives personal attention from us at MAP. We will provide you with your own phone numbers, help build custom answering scripts, and work with you to develop specific call handling protocols.

MAP Communications call center services for contractors are based in the U.S. and is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to help answer any phone calls. We want elevator passengers, property managers, and elevator companies to experience the peace of mind that comes with a perfect call answering program for elevators. Don’t wait for a disaster to strike, call MAP today!

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