Ethics and Compliance Line

Create an organizational culture of transparency & fairness with a reliable, confidential hotline for anonymous reporting of unethical or unsafe behavior & sensitive topics – a place where people feel safe to go when it comes to matters of ethics, compliance & safety.



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Give your employees a clear and comforting direction when fraud or other inappropriate behaviors happen. Offer them somewhere they feel their voice has importance and their concerns will be taken seriously.

A round-the-clock whistleblower hotline allows people to report misconduct anonymously and with confidence. It can also sometimes discourage fraudulent or inappropriate behavior altogether, simply by having the number to call.

Employee-owned, US-based MAP Communications has been serving organizations like yours around the globe since 1991.

Having a whistleblower hotline partner like MAP means you’ll be able to feel confident that employees have somewhere to turn when sensitive incidents happen, and that they will feel safe speaking to a real person who knows what to do next.

Give your team the ability to ensure that misconduct is documented safely and securely and in a timely manner while performing a much-needed check on the ethical (and not so ethical) behaviors happening behind closed doors or in plain sight.