Real Estate Answering Service

Take great care of your clients, stay organized, and close more deals with a real estate answering service.

Image of a couple touring a home shown to them by an agent who uses a real estate answering service

The life of a real estate agent can be exhilarating! The rush of closing a big sale, the constant dashing around town to take meetings, and the endless open houses and private showings. All of this excitement can also be exhausting. Keeping track of competing priorities on-the-go can be difficult. With so many balls in the air, it’s sometimes a challenge to keep clients straight!

One of the biggest difficulties for real estate agents is fielding phone calls during the work day. When your phone rings during a private showing with a promising buyer, what do you do? There’s no way to know if this call is urgent, so you simply let it ring. This may not always be the best option, though, as important calls can slide through the cracks of your busy day. It is dilemmas like these that prompted MAP Communications to design a real estate answering service specifically for agents like you!

Image of a real estate agent showing a home while her receptionist services covers phone callsWith real estate answering service from MAP, you’ll never have to guess if a call is urgent because we screen each caller and only forward the most important matters to you. Our highly-trained employees take time to get to know your preferred communication style. We’ll ask if the caller is currently working with the agency. Are they calling in to schedule a showing? Are they someone looking to buy or sell?

By understanding the reasons why a person is calling, how pressing their concerns are, and what your schedule is like for that day, we can make key decisions about the calls that are forwarded onto your phone. We’ll collect all relevant info and get hot leads to the right agent immediately. Even after a sale is finalized, MAP can help you maintain relationships with buyers who may one day return to your office to sell their home.

Many agents work off of their cell phones so it’s hard to stay organized and have accountability, but we provide solutions to both those issues. Call answering from MAP is like having a personal receptionist for each real estate agent. If someone is ready to close, we can patch the caller through to you right away. Even more importantly, we can protect the leads of each agent so nobody else is getting credit for your deal. Whatever your communication style, MAP employees can follow your lead. We pride ourselves on offering real estate answering services that fit with your policies and procedures, rather than the other way around!

Who is answering your calls when you’re not available? Do you have office staff or are realtors taking turns answering phones? Our real estate virtual receptionists can replace front desk staff within an agency. More affordable than a full time administrative staff, MAP’s real estate call center can perform many of the same duties you’d ask of a professional administrative assistant. All of the start-up costs associated with hiring and onboarding a new employee can add up fast. Without sick leave or benefits to pay out to a full-time employee, you’re sure to come in under budget.

Image of a real estate call center team handling telephone callsEven better, our services free up your colleagues to work with clients that require them most. If experienced realtors are answering phones behind a desk all day, wouldn’t their time be better spent elsewhere working with their clients and properties? Our real estate answering service allows agents to focus on their job rather than handling organization calls. Reach new heights of efficiency while maintaining your high standards for customer service.

Here’s what you can expect from MAP Communications answering services for real estate agents:

  • A team of dedicated call agents who are trained to meet the specific needs of your Real Estate Service.
  • Increased availability for you and other real estate agents to handle client’s needs and properties.
  • Access to call management and tracking tools to regularly monitor and evaluate our performance.
  • A custom script and virtual receptionists who are committed to representing your agency with a professional, knowledgeable real estate answering service.
  • A suite of online tools to manage call data, track leads, and chase down any prospective house hunters who might have called while you were at a showing.

MAP property management answering services are based in the U.S. and is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to help take care of any phone calls. Regardless of your goals, MAP can help foster better communication between your clients, colleagues, and support staff. We want to show Real Estate Agents that they can reach new heights by professionally handling every single call.

Ready to maximize your time and profits by partnering with MAP? Give us a call today. We’re offering a free, week-long trial of our live answering service for new customers. Sign up now to see all that MAP can bring to your real estate business!

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