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Never miss another call with our 24/7 call center with live agents ready to provide outstanding customer experiences so you can focus on scaling your business.

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Why Choose Us?

24/7 Availability

Our operators work night and day to ensure there’s always a friendly, helpful voice at the end of line, no matter the hour.

Live Call Transfer

Routing calls to specific departments has never been easier. Allow us to serve as your office receptionist or support your in-house team.

Appointment Scheduling

Our call answering service can maintain your calendar, schedule appointments, and remind your guests of upcoming services.

HIPAA Compliant

We know how important it is to handle patient data with care. Each of our virtual receptionists is trained with HIPAA compliance in mind.

Bilingual Operators

If you’re hoping to connect with callers of all backgrounds, our bilingual operators can help bridge the communication gap.

Lead Qualification

Cut through the noise with our lead qualification services. We’ll vet each lead and forward on the calls that meet your high standards.

How it Works


Get Set Up in

Signing up with our telephone answering service is easy. After asking a few questions about your needs, we’ll help craft a customized script and begin answering your calls.


We Answer Your

Our receptionists mirror the same greetings you use to answer the phone, ensuring a seamless transition from your staff to ours. Many callers never realize they’re speaking with a third-party.


We Get the Information to
Where It is Needed

Quickly and easily track the conversations we have with your callers right from our mobile app. CogniSent allows you to keep tabs on caller requests right from your personal device.

Industries We Serve

No matter your industry, our live answering service can integrate seamlessly into your organization. Before taking a single call, we become subject matter experts into your policies, procedures, and service offerings.

Answering Service FAQs

Is MAP’s Answering Service Based in the USA?

Yes, our phone answering service is USA-based. For more than 20 years, we’ve been headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia. We also have additional call centers strategically located throughout the country. All of our employee-owners are based here in the United States, so you never have to worry about your calls being outsourced overseas, no matter what.

Can You Use a Call Answering Service for Appointment Scheduling?

Absolutely! Our US-based answering service is ideal for appointment scheduling. Allow the MAP team to integrate with your existing scheduling software and we’ll schedule appointments for you while helping manage your calendar. We’re even HIPAA-compliant, taking extra precautions to protect sensitive caller information.

The entire scheduling process can be catered to your exact specifications. Customized call scripts mimic your organization’s existing language, policies, and procedures, providing a seamless transition from your staff to ours. No matter your industry, our team of professional agents can provide call handling and scheduling 24 hours a day.

What’s the Best Way a Telephone Answering Service Can Answer Customer Service Calls?

Learning how to answer customer service calls doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, our philosophy is quite simple: we believe every call should be answered promptly and professionally. Since a phone call is often the very first interaction a prospective customer or client will have with your organization, it’s important to set the tone off right. We greet our 100th caller of the day with the same enthusiasm and support we bring to the very first conversation of the day.

A professional tone adds to the experience. Pleasant words are meaningless if there’s not a smiling voice behind them. By speaking clearly and calmly, our receptionists make callers feel comfortable and eager to trust your business.

How Long Does it Take to Set Up Phone Answering Services?

You might assume that it takes a long time to set up a relationship with a call service provider in the US. In fact, the process is quite simple! Just answer a few key questions about your business, the number of calls you anticipate MAP taking on your behalf each month, and any other requirements you might have for our team. We’ll then guide you through the creation of a customized call script. The process can be as straightforward or as involved as you prefer – we let you set the tone. Don’t let the fear of a lengthy set up prevent you from taking the first step – most accounts can be set up within 48 hours. Many people opt to sign up for a free trial of our live answering services to get a preview of how we can help their organizations thrive.

Does it Cost More for a 24/7 Answering Service?

It doesn’t necessarily cost any more for a 24/7 answering service. We charge by the minute, so 100 minutes of receptionist time is 100 minutes whether those calls are handled during the day or after hours.

Generally speaking, though, a 24/7 phone service costs far less than it does to hire a full-time, in-house receptionist. In fact, the savings and benefits can be substantial. For more information on our pricing, click here.

How Much Does An Answering Service Cost?

Have you found yourself asking: how much does an answering service cost? The answer, as you might have guessed, varies greatly from one service provider to the next. Cost also depends on how much you anticipate using customer service outsourcing tools. What is an answering service cost per call? On average, phone answering service costs $1.12 per minute on average, or about $1.75 per call. Some providers charge by the minute; others charge per call. Whatever your preference, there’s an affordable answering service available to meet your needs and delight your customers. As you compare providers, just be sure you’re comparing them apples to apples!

Is an Answering Service Cost Effective?

Cost effective answering services are more common than you might expect, especially when compared to the expense of bringing on full-time administrative employees. It typically costs far less to use an answering service than it does to hire an in-house receptionist. For one low monthly cost, you’ll instantly gain the administrative support you need. The hiring process, on the other hand, can take months to complete – plus you’ll need to outfit your new employee with the necessary equipment, supplies, and benefits that they need to do their job. In that context, call answering service prices are incredibly reasonable.

What are Industry Breakdown Costs?

Answering service plans vary based on a number of factors. When trying to anticipate how much does an answering service cost, bear in mind that per minute billing is one of the most popular pricing plan options. The longer an agent spends on the phone with a caller, the higher the cost. Per call billing is another popular option. You’ll be charged for the total number of calls taken in a given period of time. Per unit billing, on the other hand, charges you for every call, text message, transfer, or other “unit” of customer service activity.

Which Call Answering Service Pricing Plan is Best For Your Business?

As you shop around, consider the following: do I need an answering service near me? How many inbound calls do I anticipate receiving in a given month? Do I want my answering service to replace in-house administrative efforts, or work in conjunction with an existing team? The answers to these questions can help you determine the best answering service pricing plan for your business. A little reflection into your needs can help make your options clear.

How Much Can I Save Outsourcing Customer Service Needs?

Cost effective answering services can mean huge savings for your business. The starting salary of a full-time receptionist begins at around $30,000 a year. That’s on top of any supplies, equipment, and benefits you’ll be expected to equip them with. They’ll likely only work traditional business hours, too. With an answering service at your disposal, you’ll gain 24/7 coverage at a fraction of the cost of a receptionist’s salary. Can you outsource customer service? The answer is a resounding yes – and you’ll save money by doing so.

Why Choose MAP?

  • Fastest pick-up times in the industry
  • Professional and courteous receptionists
  • Specialized call screening
  • Emergency response specialists
  • Your own nationwide 800 number
  • Voicemail and IVR services
  • In-house IT Dept
  • Custom account and software design
  • Dynamic online account access
  • Interface with your company website
  • Advanced on-call roster services
  • Online account analytics