Call Center Services for Electricity Providers

Fully Customized Answering and Virtual Receptionist Services for Electricity Companies – Available 24/7

Image of electrical lines managed by an electrical providerWhen your customers dial your number, it’s never just to check in for a friendly chat. Whether their power is out, their bill has not been settled, or they’re trying to set up a new account, most customers are eager to cross this call off their to-do list. Electricity providers are responsible for delivering the power we take for granted in our daily lives. It isn’t until something goes wrong or people need something that they consider the companies behind the services they receive.

In those moments, your customers don’t want to struggle with an automated system, get put on hold, be transferred all over the place, or sent to voicemail. They want help from real, live customer service agents. Callers are eager to talk to professionals who can ask the right questions, offer helpful solutions and quickly connect them with the department they need. MAP Communications call center for electricity providers does just that.

Outsourced Receptionist Services for Electricity Providers

No matter the kinds of calls you typically receive from customers, MAP receptionists can handle the challenge. We’re excellent communicators, with the skill and experience necessary to begin or cancel services for homes and businesses alike. We can schedule appointments when maintenance requests come in and track outages as customers call in to report them. Even phone calls about damaged electrical lines or interference are a breeze for our call center for electric power companies.

Competition is becoming more and more prevalent in the utility industry. No matter the size of your company, MAP Communications can help you bridge the gap between your staff and your customers. When your competitors are creeping up on your corner of the market, quality customer service is often the key to keeping them at bay. After all, you’re a service provider – offering anything less than stellar customer service reflects poorly on your company and on the electrical services you provide.

100% US-based Call Center Services for Electricity Providers

Image of MAP receptionists providing call center services for electricity providersOur live receptionists are all based right here in the United States. We hire and train the best and brightest agents so that the most professional representatives are taking care of your calls. Every time someone calls your power company, you can be sure an experienced, friendly representative with be treating your callers exactly the way you would.

Our answering service for electricity utility providers is highly customizable too. We work with each client to develop a call script to guide our conversations with your customers. By the time we take our first call for you, we’re experts on your services, policies, and procedures. That’s part of what has made MAP Communications rise above other call centers over our thirty years in business; we bring our customer-first mentality to both our clients and yours.

So much more than just a call center for electricity providers, MAP Communications offers a number of online resources for clients, too. Login to our portal and quickly access big picture call data and trends to help guide your business decisions. We make it easy to securely manage your account!

See What the MAP Communications Difference is All About

If you’re interested in learning more about our utility answering services and answering and virtual receptionist services for electricity utility providers, consider signing up for our free trial. For a full week, you’ll gain access to our live receptionist services, online portal and more. There’s no obligation to use MAP after the week is over – though we think you’ll want to! To get started, simply contact us and tell us about your requirements. We look forward to speaking with you!

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