Call Center Services for Taxis and Shuttle Companies

Stay competitive and manage your business more efficiently with MAP call answering services for taxis and shuttles.

Image of a taxi driving through the city to pick up a passenger who called a taxi answering service

The transportation industry is at a crossroads – allow our taxi answering service to help you stay on the road to success. With more competition via ridesharing services than ever before, it’s up to cab drivers and shuttle services to provide reliable, quality service for every rider. In order to stay competitive in this ever-changing landscape, shuttle and taxi companies have to pick up every call they receive. Failure to answer often means missing out on valuable business and damage to your reputation. Thankfully, it’s never been easier to offer a high degree of customer service and reliability with MAP shuttle and taxi dispatch answering and virtual receptionist services.

How Shuttle and Taxi Company Answering Services Can Help Your Business

MAP Communications offers a number of administrative solutions – including a taxi dispatch service – for busy transportation companies. Our team can tend to your phone line while your drivers are busy picking up fares. Passengers don’t love when their driver is busy on the phone arranging his next trip while driving. Beyond customer satisfaction, it’s a safety and legal concern. Our taxi and shuttle call center services are ideal for handling calls while your drivers focus on the clients behind them and the road in front of them.

We all know that calls for rides happen at all hours of the day. Whether it’s a late night out or an early flight, you’ve got to be prepared whenever your clients dial. Available 24 hours a day, our representatives are always ready to answer the call. We can text, email, or call drivers with information all while logging call/caller data to a secure online portal for your management purposes.

Why Select MAP for Taxi Company Dispatch Services

Image of a woman riding a transportation shuttleTaxi company owners and shuttle businesses know that stellar service – and reliability – is what will separate the professional drivers from the hobbyists. If you’re eager to stay competitive in your field, let a taxi answering service be your secret weapon. MAP Communications employees are highly-trained, experienced, and resourceful. Our passion for customer service means you’ll never worry about missing another call. What’s more, you’ll gain free time to focus on the daily operations of your business and actually be able to relax at night knowing that your after hours calls are taken care of.

Our call center for taxis and shuttle services makes life easier for both your customers and your staff. Not only are MAP agents incredibly helpful, but they’re also much more affordable than hiring your own full-time or after-hours workers. Since we only charge you for the minutes we actually spend on the phone with your callers, you won’t have to pay an administrative assistant an hourly wage. The savings are clear and the value is undeniable!

Try Our Shuttle and Taxi Answering Service Absolutely Free

Image of a call center team providing dispatch services for taxis and shuttlesMAP Communications has become a leader when it comes to call center services in the transportation industry. With three decades of experience, we like to think of ourselves as the cure for the common call center. Our call center for shuttle services and taxi companies is especially useful in the age of ridesharing. As more and more people grow impatient with the poor customer service they receive from tech companies, taxi companies have an opportunity to gain a competitive edge. MAP Communications can help you rise above the expectations and deliver quality service at any hour of the day.

Our taxi answering service rates are affordable and competitive. Want to learn more about our offerings? Read up on all our transportation industry offerings or request more information about our services. Or, if you’re ready to give MAP a try, sign up now for our free, week-long trial. You’ll get an insider’s look at just how helpful our live answering service can be, with no obligation to continue using MAP after the trial ends. Get started now!

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