Call Center and Answering Services for Transportation Rental Companies

Whether you’re a car rental company, limousine service, or even a private jet business, our professional answering and virtual receptionist services will help you create fantastic experiences for your clients.

Image of MAP Communications virtual receptionists providing call center services for transportation rental companies

With clientele as elite as yours, keeping customers waiting is never a good idea. When they demand the best of virtually everything, anything less than perfection gives your clients reason to turn to your competitors instead. Your quick, polite and efficient service is often called upon at the last minute. These services often begin over the phone. Your callers want personal attention, not a voicemail box. If you’re eager to provide the best service possible to each one of your clients, MAP Communications transportation rental answering service can give you the edge. From car rental companies, limo rental businesses, or even private jet rentals, we ensure your clients are able to acquire the ride they desire. Whether you would like assistance scheduling rides, booking rentals or managing your time, we can help.

Image of a man handing over keys who works for a company that uses a car rental answering serviceA car rental answering service can be customized to your precise requirements. Our team of hard-working virtual receptionists create personalized scripts to ensure your callers are receiving the correct information regardless of who is answering the phone. In addition to a custom call script, we can also help to provide quotes to callers or route calls to the correct department. Anyone dialing your company looking for details on your services and offerings will appreciate MAP’s thorough knowledge of your business. Employee-owned and operated, our success is tied directly to yours, which is why we work so hard to keep your customers satisfied.

Image of a limo driver that works for a company that uses a limousine answering serviceIn the transportation rental industry, traditional business hours aren’t typically an option. When your clients have important meetings to attend, flights to catch or places to be, it doesn’t matter if it is early in the morning or late at night. With a 24-hour business comes a 24-hour need for customer service. Our virtual receptionists are available around the clock, 365 days a year. This after-hours answering service support can help provide you with some much-needed work/life balance. Imagine how relaxed you’ll be knowing our resourceful staff is answering your calls.

Image of a pilot who works for a company that uses a private jet answering serviceA private jet answering service or limo answering service can offer the kind of luxury customer service experience you’d like associated with your company. Because our virtual receptionists are so highly trained, your callers will likely never know they’re not speaking to someone in your office. Bilingual and experienced, our staff is endlessly resourceful, with gung-ho attitudes that always get the job done. This second-to-none customer service experience is not just preferred by callers, it’s expected. Keep your clients satisfied by partnering with MAP.

With nearly thirty years of experience, MAP Communications has become synonymous with stellar customer service throughout the transportation industry. A car rental call center like MAP can take your business to new heights. By working hand-in-hand with our clients, we ensure the best customer service possible. With no problem too large to handle, our virtual receptionists are ready to roll up their sleeves and go to work for you. Curious about our car rental answering services and live receptionist solutions for luxury transportation but aren’t sure where to begin? We offer a free, week-long trial of our answering services to prove just how valuable we can be to your company. With virtually nothing to lose and a reputation for excellent customer service as just the beginning of what you can gain, why not give MAP a try?

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