Law Answering Service for Personal Injury Attorneys

Using MAP Communications answering service for personal injury attorneys will make sure you never miss out on the best cases or opportunities to develop your reputation and grow your law firm.

Image of a man in a wheelchair who is speaking with a lawyer who uses an answering service for personal injury attorneys

For nearly every business in every industry, a ringing phone represents an incoming opportunity. Miss a call, and you miss out on a potential chance to profit. In the personal injury law field, a missed call can be especially impactful. Since so much of your efforts are spent panning for gold to find the right opportunity, a single missed call could mean missing out on the biggest case of your fiscal year.

An injury lawyer answering service can ensure you’re available when clients need you most. Imagine the peace of mind you’ll experience knowing that MAP Communications is on the job when you’re in a meeting, tied up in court or relaxing at home on the weekend. Both prospective and current clients will always be able to get in touch with your firm, even as you practice a healthier work/life balance.

How MAP Answering Services for Injury Lawyers Can Help

Personal injury attorneys need to be ready to leap into action at a moment’s notice. Many cases revolve around emergency situations like car accidents, dog bites and hazardous products. The last thing a prospective client in crisis wants to hear is your voicemail. Competition in the field is fierce, and a missed call could force a prospective client to simply dial the next attorney on their list instead. Whether you’re handling a slip and fall case at a grocery store or investigating suspected medical malpractice with an industry expert, a personal injury attorney answering service can ensure your callers are taken care of with empathy and efficiency.

Fully Customized Personal Injury Law Answering Service

Image of a client speaking with an attorney that uses an injury lawyer answering serviceHanding off calls to a third party takes a degree of trust that must be earned. Attorneys can rest assured, however, that their clients are treated the way they would handle them when they partner with MAP. That’s because our team of experienced and skilled virtual receptionists can work from a customized script that we work with you to develop. Not only does this script provide a high standard of customer service, it also ensures that you only receive leads for cases you’re most interested in taking.

A personal injury law answering service can help improve your firm’s reputation in the community. By ensuring your calls are answered every time, you’ll become the go-to firm for professionalism, empathy and efficiency. That kind of reputation isn’t easy to build on your own.

MAP Live Answering Services – The Best Choice for Injury Attorneys

With nearly thirty years in the industry, MAP has become a leader in the field of answering services for injury lawyers. Employee-owned and operated, we succeed because our success is tied directly to our clients. We treat your callers as our own, because we think of ourselves as an extension of your team.

Get the administrative support your law office requires to offer stellar customer service and professionalism on a 24-hour basis. Partner with MAP answering services for attorneys today and begin building your reputation as the go-to personal injury firm in your community. Start with a free trial of our live answering service for injury attorneys. There is no obligation, making this a risk-free way to see just how useful MAP can be.

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