Call Center and Answering Services for Moving Companies

two men working for a moving company while an answering service handles their calls

If you are a mover, take your pick of these three scenarios:

Scenario 1: You are helping carry a couch down a flight of stairs. The phone in your pocket rings. You can’t exactly set the couch down to answer at this angle without destroying your back. Hopefully the caller leaves a message. Spoiler alert: they won’t. They called your competitor instead.

Scenario 2: You are moving a heavy box marked Fragile. Your phone rings. Determined not to miss another business opportunity, you shift the box and grab your phone. But the box falls and you hear something inside break just as you answer. Your caller heard the crash, the R-rated response you mumbled, and your labored breathing all before they can even get a quote from you.

Scenario 3: You and your team successfully complete a big move without ever getting interrupted by a phone call. Now, it’s on to the next job that your virtual receptionist scheduled for you while they were handling your phone calls.

If you aren’t immediately jumping on Scenario 3, then you must not be serious about improving your business and enhancing your customer service. We’re here to help professional moving companies who are serious about taking their company to the next level.

MAP Communications Phone Answering Service for Moving Companies

receptionist providing call answering service for moversThe moving business is in a constant state of motion and change. It’s inherent to the industry – as folks pack up their lives and move across town or across the country, things are bound to evolve on levels macro and micro. Taking calls while managing these jobs can be a challenge. Missing out on those calls can mean missing out on valuable opportunities that keep your bottom line healthy. MAP Communications offers phone answering service for moving companies that can transform the way your organization communicates. Make a professional first impression while saving time and money – what could be better?

Streamline your moving business with help from our answering services. Our experienced receptionists answer every call, 24/7. With MAP Communications answering service for movers, you never miss out on a lead and never lose an opportunity to the competition. Allow our team to schedule your appointments, answer frequently asked questions, provide quotes, and reach you in the field when it matters most.

Fully Customized Answering Service for Movers

Once you partner with a moving company call center, your callers will be treated to efficient, friendly support every time they dial your company. Instead of long wait times or getting sent to voicemail, they’ll be immediately connected to a helpful receptionist trained to handle the kinds of calls moving companies like yours typically receive. We work hand-in-hand to develop customized call scripts, so you can design the precise type of customer experience that aligns with your brand and achieves your goals.

When we take a call on your behalf, we follow your specific instructions for customer support. When people dial with questions about your service, getting a quote, scheduling a move, or an ETA, we’ll handle things exactly the way you would if your hands weren’t already full. The receptionists answering your calls will have all the skills and information necessary to make every encounter a positive one. Since our moving company answering service is affordable, you’ll keep administrative costs low while maintaining your high standards for the customer experience.

Boost Your Reputation with The Best Answering Service for Moving Businesses

Internet reviews have forever changed the way most places do business. While transportation and moving company reviews might not have existed ten years ago, they’re now completely inescapable. When a single bad review can tank the public perception of your business, there’s not much margin for error. An answering service for moving companies can help nip problems in the bud and ensure there’s always a professional, helpful voice on the end of the line.

It’s no longer enough to deliver on promises to your clients. Instead, customers expect you to overdeliver, delighting and inspiring them to recommend your services to their friends. It all starts with customized call center services for your moving company. From the very first conversation, callers will be treated to polite, professional support from agents well-versed in your company policies and procedures. In many cases, callers never even realize they’re speaking with a third party answering service for moving companies. In turn, you and your team will gain the free time necessary to focus on the most important tasks of the day. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Keep Your Business Moving with MAP Communications

two men in a moving van that use a virtual receptionist for their business callsWhen shopping around for a moving company live answering service, you’ll have no shortage of options. Our experience, dedication, and customization puts us head and shoulders above the competition. With three decades of experience under our belt, the MAP name has become synonymous with quality. U.S.-based and employee owned and operated, you can rest easy knowing we’re just as invested in your success as you are. With our interests aligned, it’s not hard to see why we go above and beyond with each call we take.

Our proprietary call handling system ensures your callers are always treated to fast, reliable support. When you partner with MAP, you gain access to an entire suite of online tools and resources. These easy-to-use tools can offer unique insight into what’s working for your business – and where efforts might be better spent. Completely customizable offerings make it easier than ever to keep tabs on calls and messages.

Try MAP for Free Today

We’re so confident in our offerings that we’re extending a free trial to all interested movers. For one week, you’ll be privy to all the benefits of a partnership with one of the leading call answering services for moving companies. Seamless integration means there’s very little you need to do to get started. Once we collect some basic information about your business and requirements, our receptionists go live to field calls 24/7 or on demand. And since there’s no obligation to continue using our services after the trial ends, there’s very little at stake. Give MAP a try today!