Criminal Law Answering Service for Defense Attorneys

Make sure your law firm is available for clients when they need you most with our criminal defense answering service.

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Criminal defense lawyers face a number of unique challenges in their line of work. Because of the nature of the job, attorneys frequently receive late night calls from clients whose freedom and livelihoods are on the line. Since a majority of criminal arrests are made at night, criminal defense lawyers have no choice but to pick up the phone regardless of the time, or risk losing the case to another law office. These late-night phone calls combined with a busy workload during business hours can easily lead to burnout. A criminal defense answering service can take this chore off the plate of busy attorneys.

By partnering with MAP Communications, you can ensure that your phone never goes unanswered. A criminal defense phone answering service can help connect your team with clients in their most trying moments while still offering you a healthy work/life balance. Too often, all that is standing between a client and a prison sentence is you. Allow MAP Communications to be the relief you need when turning off the phone simply is not an option.

MAP Criminal Law Answering Service – Customized to Fit Your Requirements

Our criminal law answering service can be customized to provide your clients with the exact customer service experience that you dream of offering every single caller. We can help you create a customized script to ensure calls are covered whether you’re in the courtroom, in a meeting or in bed for the night. In addition, we can schedule appointments, transfer important calls and forward your urgent messages while filtering out calls that can wait.

When we cover your calls is completely up to you as well. Some criminal defense attorneys just use our answering service after hours. Others also use them when they get too busy throughout the day. And some defense lawyers leverage our live answering service on a 24-hour basis. Basically, the choice is yours as our virtual receptionists can provide on-demand service whenever you choose.

MAP Communications Criminal Lawyer Scheduling Integrations

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Don’t see the calendar application you use for your criminal law firm?
Let us know and we will work towards an integration solution for you!

Strengthen Your Reputation with MAP Live Answering Service for Criminal Law Attorneys

Image of a gavel in a courtroomWe pride ourselves on treating your clients with the same care and respect as your practice does. An answering service for criminal defense lawyers requires a high level of sensitivity, empathy and confidentiality. By providing such thoughtful service to your clients, MAP helps foster client relationships that leave a lasting impression. After all, with referrals, online reviews, and word of mouth recommendations playing such a vital role in how you earn business, it pays to make sure every caller and client is well taken care of.

It’s our goal to handle each caller in a way that continuously strengthens your standing in the community. You may quickly develop the reputation as the firm that is always responsive to clients, regardless of time of day. In a field that requires equal degrees of urgency and empathy, a good virtual receptionist can be the lifeline your clients depend upon.

Partner with MAP Communications Criminal Defense Answering Service Today

MAP Communications has been a leader in the legal answering service industry for nearly three decades. Employee-owned and operated, MAP prides itself on offering the best customer service experience in the business. If you’re looking for a criminal attorney answering service that is second to none, try our free, week-long trial so we can prove that we’re the right choice. Simply contact us and one of our team members will reach out to you with more information. There is nothing required on your part other than an open mind.

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