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MAP Communications Answering Service in Rhode Island

Image of a MAP call center agent providing answering service in Rhode IslandBecome the business with customer support so effective that you leave your competition in the dust. By making the sound choice to partner with MAP Communications phone answering service in Rhode Island, you equip your local business with a round-the-clock team of highly trained virtual receptionists so you and your team can focus on more mission critical tasks for success. Just imagine the impact when your callers are greeted by a live representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Every person that calls your business instead of shooting over an email is looking to connect with a real person. They have a question concerning your business or have valuable feedback about your product or services, and your response to their call could mean the difference between winning them over as a customer or losing them to a competitor. To insure that customers don’t get swept beneath a pile of voicemails, many businesses in “The Ocean State” have chosen to rely on MAP’s friendly and professional virtual receptionist services to provide quick and effective responses to every customer who calls in, day or night.

“MAP Communications has become an invaluable part of our company. They initially started helping us by handling inbound support calls and routing them to our development team by email. They did such an efficient job, that we then hired them to handle our inbound sales leads. We were finding that taking these initial calls ourselves was ineffective… They are [now] a pivotal part of our growing company.”

25+ Years Perfecting Answering Service in Rhode Island for Businesses of All Sizes

How do you create phone answering services capable of supporting multi-million dollar companies while still remaining flexible and affordable enough for the small businesses of RI? You start by building over 25 years of experience offering customizable, professional answering services, one client one at a time. For nearly three decades we have been dedicated to working out all the inefficiencies by perfecting our processes and training methods, building our network, and harnessing our proprietary technology. The result is a powerful list of answering and virtual receptionist services that bring the most flexibility and value to our clients. While you are considering if your unique business could benefit from our Rhode Island virtual receptionist services, see a list below of just a few of the industries we currently serve in your area.

Short list of industries we provide with answering service in Rhode Island

3 Reasons You Should Consider Using a Rhode Island Answering Service for Your Business

Reduced Overhead

You might be considering the route of hiring someone to join your office staff to keep up with your company’s increasing requirement for phone support. While this might seem like a perfectly reasonable option, the added expense of adding another staff member means a huge increase in overhead. MAP Communications brings years of training and experience with our live virtual receptionists who seamlessly become a part of your organization the moment they start answering your phones; and all with an affordable price structure that allows you to pay for only the minutes that are used.


Image of city lights at night in Rhode IslandConsistency is key when it comes to how customer calls are handled. You want your callers to be greeted by a friendly and helpful agent and provided with the correct answer each time they call into your company. When you partner with MAP answering service in Rhode Island, your business will be supported by real people based right here in the United States who are equipped with a dynamic script that you co-create and approve so every call stays on brand and on message.

Instant Response

Time is money, and every second you can shave off from the time of dial to answer brings you one second closer to helping that customer make a purchasing decision. With MAP, you are connecting your callers to an answering service with the fastest pickup times in the industry, meaning each caller is guaranteed to quickly connect with a support agent who will deliver the customer experience they deserve.

Check out this article and learn more about how your Rhode Island business could benefit financially from using a live answering service.

Why local organizations choose MAP Communications Rhode Island Answering Services and Answering and Virtual Receptionist Services

  • Available 24/7
  • Bilingual Services
  • No contracts
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Proprietary Technology
  • Customized Scripts/Plans
  • Employee Owned
  • One Week Free Trial

Start your no-risk, 7-Day Free Trial of our world-class phone answering service in Rhode Island. Contact us to speak to one of our friendly, experienced onboarding agents who will guide you through the simple setup process. After experiencing a full week of having your calls taken care of by trained experts, your only regret will be that you didn’t get started sooner.

“I do not miss a service call by having MAP transfer them directly to me, I was pleasantly surprised. The only regret that I have is not doing this sooner!”
Business Owner

The majority of our Rhode Island answering service customers live and work in one of these counties: Kent, Providence, Washington. But we provide the same excellent call center service to businesses all throughout the state of Rhode Island and the surrounding region.