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Hospice answering services and home health care call center for professional end of life caregivers and their patients.

Image of a home health specialist with their patient who uses a hospice answering service

The final days, weeks, and months of a patient’s life can be some of their most precious. By easing pain and extending both physical and emotional support, hospices help shepherd families through the most meaningful and challenging moments. A home health care call center can help ensure those moments aren’t interrupted by the ringing of a telephone.

Hospice centers and hospice care providers are faced regularly with the difficult but rewarding task of helping individuals manage pain, offering emotional support, and creating as comfortable an environment as possible. With the weighty responsibilities these care providers already shoulder, it is a shame that other routine aspects of the job, such as call answering, can often add stresses to the workplace.

Do you often find you are getting bogged down by returning phone calls? Do you ever feel like you can’t get away from the phone long enough to help your patients as much as they deserve? Perhaps a call center is something you have considered as a remedy, but finding the right one can be challenging. Call centers often come across as uninvolved, disconnected from the needs of the client, and unconcerned with the success of the businesses for which they answer. Seeing as this is often the sad reality, it is difficult to consider a call answering service as a good option for hospice. You want your callers to be met with warm, friendly voices and helpful guidance. The person they speak with on the phone will be a direct reflection of your service, so you need to feel confident the hospice answering service is representing you in the best way possible.

Here’s the good news: Our goal at MAP Communications is just that. We want to remove the burden of call answering so that you can focus on what is most important. Our sole objective is giving your callers the ultimate customer service experience. At the same time, our home health answering service is available 24 hours a day for families that require round-the-clock updates on their loved ones. By allowing our team to cover the phones, you’ll gain the freedom to dedicate your attention to patients while still leaving the lines of communication open.

Customized Home Health Answering Service Tailored to Your Requirements

a home health professional providing hospice service to an elderly personOur hospice answering service is teamed by highly motivated professionals who are driven by end of the month incentives to consistently provide top of the line service. Rather than missing calls, wading through message after message and constantly being tied to your phone lines, let MAP take over. We tailor our entire hospice answering service to your individual needs so that clients receive a personalized and helpful call experience. We want to be proficient enough in the workings of your hospice center that the clients never even realize they have spoken to an answering service. To help you monitor our effectiveness, you will have access to call management tools and other advanced ways of tracking data so that you can fairly evaluate how well we are doing.

We know how committed you are to your patients and their loved ones. We share your passion for patient care and bring our own commitment to customer service to our hospice call center offerings. Allow our virtual receptionists to work with you behind the scenes. We’ll help develop customized call scripts that reflect your facility’s policies and procedures. Our HIPAA compliant home health care answering service is affordable, reliable, and private.

Imagine how much more you and your colleagues might accomplish without a phone to constantly answer. We take a multi-faceted approach to caring for your callers, allowing you to dedicate your attention to staff meetings, daily maintenance, emergencies, and any other duties on your to-do list. Careful documentation of each conversation we share with callers allows you to monitor our efforts with a few clicks. A hospice answering service is an ultimate way to support overworked staff.


  • Fast pick up times
  • 24/7 coverage
  • Competitive rates and a customized script just for you
  • Timely, accurate message delivery via your preferred method
  • The ability to transfer emergency situations to the appropriate on-call staff
  • Full access to call management and tracking tools that enable you to regularly monitor and evaluate our performance while also managing your home health organization
  • A team of dedicated receptionists who are trained to meet your specific requirements

Call answering for hospice centers is an innovative and highly efficient way to maximize your time so that you can focus on your patients. However, some call centers far too often greet callers with cold, generic, to-the-point conversations that leave the callers feeling unsatisfied. At MAP, we understand the sensitivity and care it takes to treat your callers with the respect they deserve. Leave the call answering to us so that you can spend more time with your patients, and you’ll never need to worry about being stuck to the phone lines again.

Get Started with MAP Home Health Care Call Center Service for Free

A week trial period is all it takes to see real change around your organization. Treat yourself to seven days of freedom from the phones. Reduce burnout while optimizing your communication efforts. With no commitment to continue using our service after the trial period ends, there’s no reason not to give MAP Communications a try. Contact us today to learn more about our medical answering services or to get started with your free trial.