Phone Answering and Call Center Services for Cruise Lines

Improve caller support while decreasing costs with MAP Communications Cruise Line Answering and Virtual Receptionist Services

Image of a cruise ship and a couple who booked their trip through a cruise line call center

The cruise industry is a behemoth. An average of 30 million people set sail each year, and every passenger requires careful planning and communication with their preferred cruise line. From the initial booking process to questions about excursions and last-minute passport concerns, cruise lines are bombarded with calls from passengers. Call answering services for cruise lines help facilitate these conversations. After all, the cruise state of mind should begin far before passengers ever step foot on board!

This vacation mindset doesn’t always translate over the phone. Busy customer service departments may be overwhelmed by callers in the days leading up to a cruise. This inevitably leads to long hold times and frustrated passengers. Outsourced call center services for cruise lines can provide serious relief for employees and customers alike. Take the tension out of your cruise line’s calls – with highly-trained live receptionists at the helm, it’ll be smooth sailing!

Easy, Breezy Call Answering for Your Cruise Line

MAP Communications offers a wide array of options for cruise line phone answering services. These offerings allow you to eliminate wait times for callers while freeing up your staff to handle the most pressing matters at hand. Working from customized call scripts allows the MAP team to create a seamless transition from your office to ours – in many cases, callers have no idea they are speaking with a third party! Our cruise line call center team is fully based in the United States and we never send calls overseas. We leave the international element to you and your travelers.

Image of a call center for cruise lines teamOur cruise line call center service is a good option for overworked customer service departments. Allow the MAP team to handle overflow calls during busy times, tackle frequently asked questions, new bookings, and changes to passenger itineraries. We step in to offer patient guidance for callers who might feel overwhelmed by their online options and require a little extra support.

Nobody likes to be sent to voicemail, especially when it comes to the hospitality industry and a family vacation is one the line. For more in-depth support for callers demanding action, consider MAP’s cruise line virtual receptionists. We provide focused support for callers who require specialized attention. If a passenger is seeking special accommodations or is struggling to reschedule a booking, our virtual receptionists can rise to the challenge.

Customized Call Center for Cruise Lines

MAP works with each of our clients to develop customized call scripts that fit the personality, policies and procedures of their business. Answering services for cruise lines are an extension of your brand, and we take that responsibility seriously. The MAP team of cruise line call center agents are always on brand for you as we pride ourselves on fostering friendly, productive conversations with callers who require patience and clarity.

Our team of highly-trained, professional receptionists take time to get to know your cruise line inside and out. Cruise line virtual receptionists become experts on your rules and procedures, ensuring careful communication while eliminating margin for error. You can rest easy knowing your callers are all on the same page with MAP’s call center for cruise lines!

Dynamic Answering Services for Cruise Lines

Image of a cruise ship that uses an answering serviceInternational travel demands 24/7 support. With MAP Communications on board, your customers will never struggle to get in touch at a late hour. No matter the time of day or time zone, our team is ready to tackle any question, comment or conundrum callers might have.

Try MAP’s answering services for cruise lines and see the difference for yourself. Our free, week-long trial is the ideal way to preview our resources with zero commitment. When the week is up, we know you’ll be delighted with all we bring to your organization! Get started now.

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