About Us

We are a motivated and result-driven team of 100% employee-owners.

Image of MAP team members holding a flag that says we are an employee owned company in front of our headquarters

We’re U.S. based and 100% employee-owned so each and every MAP employee is financially vested in your success. We have the most experienced and compassionate team of receptionists and managers in the answering service and call center industry and we have our own in-house software and development team, which translates into maximum redundancy and greater flexibility in the services and features we can create for our customers on the fly.

How did we create a leading virtual receptionist and live 24 hour answering service to help support your business with sales, service calls and more? How did we create multiple call centers that seamlessly integrate with your systems and processes to provide more detailed, thoughtful and even more compassionate responses to your caller’s questions? By becoming very good listeners. Whether it’s a whistleblower hotline service, online answering service, call for a contractor or acting as a call center for a Fortune 500 company, we’re dialed in on every level. And it’s what sets MAP apart from the rest of the answering service and call center industry. When our busy small business customers tell us how important a missed call is, we hear them. When colleges and universities tell us they need an integrated partner to help field enrollment, program or financial aid questions, we’re all ears. When B&B owners ask for help with check in and reservations, we don’t miss a beat. And when government contractors turn to us for assistance with sensitive data, they have our full attention as well.