Phone Answering & Call Center Services for Insurance Agencies and Claims Adjusters

MAP Communications insurance answering and virtual receptionist services ensure that your office is available to assist policy holders around the clock.

Image of a claims adjuster who uses an insurance call center

When an emergency occurs, insurance companies must spring into action. Regardless of time of day, policyholders expect to be able to get in touch with their claims adjuster when they need them most. While it’s impossible to expect your employees to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, there is a way to provide the kind of round-the-clock customer service your policyholders expect. A claims adjuster answering service can bridge the gap between you and your clients, ensuring that you have some much needed time off while still providing the best possible customer service. By partnering with an insurance assessor answering service, you can guarantee that there is always a friendly, helpful voice picking up the phone.

Whether you’re taking time off or simply out in the field investigating an incident, an insurance agency answering service offers the administrative solution you require. It can be difficult to dedicate your full attention to your to-do list when your phone is ringing off the hook. As more and more science reveals the fruitlessness of multitasking, it’s more important than ever to direct your focus to the most important tasks at hand. While providing excellent service to policyholders is indeed important, entrusting this aspect of your business to an answering service for claims adjusters is a smart use of your time.

Image of MAP Communications call center agents providing insurance answering servicesAn insurance answering service frees you up to focus on investigating claims, but it can also increase your flow of business. By offering 24-hour support, the limitations of traditional 9-5 business hours will become a thing of the past. Imagine how much more business you’ll be able to take on once you have a team of virtual receptionists to manage your calendar while you sleep. Voicemail and automated systems are a turn off. If you’re hoping to handle more claims and grow your business, a team of experienced, efficient, live receptionists is the solution. There’s simply no replacement for 24-hour live answering services for insurance agents.

Support Your Staff and Policy Holders with a Customized Insurance Call Center Program

Beyond financial call center, virtual receptionist and live answering services, we also offer a suite of online management tools to help you keep your finger on the pulse of your calls. These tools give you as much or as little oversight as you’d like, allowing you to dial into specific call details or zoom out for a big picture glance of call trends. This kind of insight offers tremendous value to you and your in-house team, as you can leverage the data to better serve your clients.

Image of a binder containing insurance plans in the office of an insurance companyIf you’re working with a tight budget, an affordable answering service for insurance agents could be an ideal cost-saving tool. Because our virtual receptionists in our office, there’s no need for you to purchase, install or maintain any of their equipment. You’ll also save on the sick leave, vacation days and health insurance you’d normally need to pay for when hiring a full-time, in house receptionist. After partnering with an insurance call center, you’ll see costs go down and profits go up. Even better, your in-house team will benefit from an improved workflow without phones to constantly answer. Best of all, customer satisfaction will skyrocket once our personable receptionists are on the job.

If you’re ready to give MAP Communications a try, simply fill out this form for a free, week-long trial of our live answering services for claims adjusters and insurance agencies.

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