Call Center for Storage Companies and Self Storage Answering Services

Call Center Services for Storage Companies

inside of a storage facility that uses a self storage answering service

Running a successful storage center is no easy feat. Markets are saturated, competition is stiff, and customers will often hang up and dial another business if you don’t pick up when they call. For these reasons – and many more – storage professionals are turning to self storage answering services for support. Imagine assisting your tenants in person without ever once being interrupted by a ringing phone line or missing out on a valuable lead. With MAP Communications on your side, this dream becomes a reality.

24-Hour Support for Storage Center Tenants

You and your team work hard to satisfy the expectations of your tenants. When it’s time to head home for the evening, though, who stays on-call to handle questions, concerns, and emergencies? It’s not enough to simply let a call roll to voicemail. The cost of a missed call is too much for most organizations to bear time and time again.

self storage call center agentThat’s where our self storage call center comes into play. Our agents work night and day to ensure there’s always a friendly voice at the end of the line. Should a self storage tenant get locked out of their unit, have a question about their bill, or want to start renting for the first time, a MAP agent will be there to answer questions and offer solutions. Each agent is highly trained to follow your storage company’s specific policies and procedures. In many cases, callers don’t even realize they’re speaking with a third party self storage answering service.

Our telephone answering service for storage businesses features a bright group of professional agents who can assist with caller questions regarding things like unit sizes, climate controlled units, rental terms, and if you offer packing materials on-site. We can even help tenants make payments! Anything that requires your expertise will be sent to you as a message in your preferred manner right away.

Customer Acquisition Made Easy With Self Storage Call Center Service

The front office of the average storage center is a busy place. Tenants are moving in and out on a daily basis, tying up front desk staff with contracts to sign and questions to answer. Prospective customers who dial in may be placed on hold or left to leave a voicemail while in-person tenants take priority. If you’re concerned about missing out on valuable leads, consider a partnership with an answering service for storage businesses. While your staff work with tenants, MAP agents can provide stellar customer service and convert prospective tenants into paying customers.

storage center that uses and answering service for storage businessesA call center for storage companies can give you a serious advantage over competitors in your area. A prospective tenant may look up local facilities and call the other guys first. When they don’t answer the phone, they’re bound to call you and get the help they need from a professional, polite receptionist. By enlisting the help of a storage call center, you’ll never miss another call – and gain the free time necessary to focus on day-to-day operations.

Try MAP Self Storage Answering Service for Free

Our self storage answering service can transform the way you do business. If you’re struggling to handle call volume, need help acquiring new tenants, or simply want a professional voice to burn the midnight oil while your staff takes a night off, MAP Communications is the answer. Our outsourcing services are second to none – but don’t take our word for it. Give our live answering service a try for free for one week. With no obligation to continue using MAP after the trial ends, there’s nothing to lose by signing up. Click here to get started.