Virtual Receptionist & Live Virtual Secretary Services

Live Virtual Receptionist Services to provide a professional phone experience for your callers.

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Bright, friendly, and helpful, our live receptionists are available whenever you require our services. Your callers prefer to converse with a real person who provides a personal touch that is unique to your business. We answer every call quickly 24/7/365 to ensure your caller customer experience is always dialed in. MAP Communications has a wide variety of customizable plans so you can pick the best virtual receptionist service that is perfect for you.

With competition on the rise in industries like yours, it’s paramount to keep your customers happy and capitalize on any new business leads all while portraying a professional image. This is where our team of MAP Communications live virtual phone receptionists come in to make your life easier and your organization more successful. We strive to improve your customer service offering, professionally brand your company’s phone experience, and even increase your sales leads. And we offer the best virtual receptionist services at an affordable, scalable rate that good business sense demands you consider. Our outsourced receptionist and remote secretarial services are sure to help take your business to the next level!

How MAP Communications Virtual Receptionist Services Work

  • We’ll work with you to build a custom script that is crafted to handle your unique requirements.
  • Don’t worry, you can keep using the phone number you already have. We simply give you a number that is unique to your organization and you can forward your calls to that number any time you like. If you prefer, you can even publish the number we give you on your company website, marketing collateral, and online listings if you’d like us to handle all your business calls that come in from those sources.
  • Your live virtual employee will then answer calls in a professional manner whenever you choose and however you want. We’ll greet your callers, take accurate messages, give out information about your business that callers are seeking, book appointments, and transfer people to the correct person within your company per your call handling parameters. And we can do all of this at any time of day or night, because our remote receptionist services are available 24/7. So whether you are out of the office on the job, in a meeting, want some backup for your current staff, or would like to provide a branded, helpful phone experience for your callers after-hours, we’ve got you covered.
  • Image of a MAP Communications virtual secretaryOur experienced, knowledgeable US-based virtual phone receptionists are fully trained on your account and have the ability to determine what type of call they are handling to ensure it is processed correctly. We can screen solicitors, assist your current clients, get hot leads on the line with your sales department, escalate emergency calls, and more all depending on how you’d like things taken care of.
  • When we do transfer calls to your office, we can announce the call to you and give you some preliminary information that we collected before bringing the caller on the line so that you’re up to speed. Or we can just patch them through to your voicemail if you’re unavailable to chat at that time. Or we can let your caller know that we are putting their information in front of the correct person and they can expect a resolution or return call within your specified timeframe. Any messages can be delivered to you via email, text, voicemail or pager and can also be found in your call log within your secure online account portal.
  • If you feel like you’re able to cover your phones for a certain period of time and don’t need us to help out, then simply unforward your line to us whenever you feel like it. You can also set up your account to have calls roll over to us if you aren’t able to answer within a certain number of rings so your callers always have a live person to talk to!
  • Log into your account at your convenience to view your organized call reports, manage your detailed messages, check your usage, update your info, pay your bill, and more.

What Makes a MAP Communications Virtual Secretary Different?

  • While many providers of remote receptionist services are located overseas or in another country, our entire operation is based in the United States. With our team of professional live receptionists, you can rest easy knowing that your callers will not ever struggle to understand the conversation as they will always get the assistance they need.
  • We have strategically located our offices around the United States to ensure virtually 100% uptime. No natural disasters, power outages, or severe weather will impact our ability to continue answering your phones and help your customers. Even if an event happens in your area that disrupts your normal business operations, we’ll stay up and running to make sure we’ve got your back.
  • Image of a MAP Communications live virtual phone receptionistMAP Communications is an employee-owned company. Anyone you speak with in our organization is an owner who has a vested interest in helping you succeed, because your success is our success! Being an employee-owned company also translates into having a team of people here that love working at MAP. Our virtual secretaries have the longest average tenure in the industry with decades and decades of combined experience providing exceptional service.
  • We are proud to offer bilingual virtual receptionist options as well. It doesn’t make sense for you to lose a customer just because you can’t communicate with them. Our virtual secretary services feature receptionists who are fluent in both Spanish and English so that your callers can have a conversation in the language they are most comfortable speaking. And we’ll make sure you receive your messages in whichever language you prefer too.

What Types of Organizations use our Remote Receptionist Services?

Whether you are a small business, a medical office, or a division within a Fortune 500 company, we have clients just like you! Our live receptionist services are completely scalable and customizable so that we can tailor the ideal fit for your organization. Just a few of the many industries we serve include the medical profession, attorneys, property managers, contractors of all sorts, technical hardware and software support, hospitality businesses, educational institutes, and even government operations.

Often times, businesses across many industries are looking for a virtual appointment scheduling solution. We can help with that! Our virtual receptionist appointment scheduling services can manage your calendar while you stay busy and focus on your in-person clients. Our remote receptionists can recommend a couple great scheduling tools that we use, or we can use yours as long as it interfaces with Google Calendar. Either way, a live receptionists service with the power to schedule appointments and manage your calendar can be a huge boost to your business.

MAP Communications Live Receptionist Appointment Scheduling Integrations

Logos of Google Calendar, Calendly, and Setmore

Don’t see the calendar type you use? Let us know and we’ll work towards an integration solution!

Hire the Best Virtual Receptionists and Witness True Business Growth

Fully based in the United States and 100% committed to your success, MAP Communications virtual phone receptionists help you thrive. Skilled online secretaries combined with leading proprietary technology enables us to take great care of your callers so that they will be a positive source of word of mouth marketing for your company based on the stellar customer service they received. By never missing another call, you’ll be able to capture more sales leads and focus on working through your calendar that is full of appointments. You can finally focus on your job while we eliminate the distraction of having to answer the phone each time it rings. And all this can happen in a far more cost effective manner than if you were to hire an in-house employee.

Consider the Cost-saving Opportunity of Hiring a Remote Secretary

Choosing to use an online secretary saves you the time, money, and effort of having to train a full-time receptionist that sits in your office and consumes your resources. Instead, we train them, they work in our office, and we invest in the best equipment for them to do their job well. You also don’t have to worry about covering for them during breaks, wondering what to do with calls after hours, paying for their sick days/vacation/benefits or any of the other standard costs that come with hiring a typical employee.

If you have an in-house receptionist on hand, consider covering your calls 24/7 when they leave by using our after hours virtual receptionist services. While we agree that in-house receptionists can certainly bring value to your team, we are confident that our outsourced receptionist services can provide many of the same benefits but in a much more budget-friendly manner. One of the best things about an off site receptionist is that you only pay for the time they spend handling calls for you.

The average receptionist is paid well over $30,000/year. Our professional virtual receptionist services are available for as little as $40/month and you only pay for time we actually spend on the phone with your callers. From a cost-saving standpoint alone, a virtual secretary is absolutely worth thinking about. Then consider that this is a scalable solution that leaves no call unanswered 24/7 at a fraction of the cost and it all adds up to a great move for your organization.

MAP Communications Receptionist Service Reviews

“Using your receptionist service has made a significant impact on our office and our technicians. Having your professional receptionists manage the phones after hours has been a huge benefit for us. We no longer worry about missing important phone calls and job opportunities.”

JOHN C., MAP Customer



“Your receptionist staff is really great! Very professional, courteous and friendly.”



“I would tell any business owner that does not have the need or budget for a full time person to answer the phone to use MAP Communications virtual receptionist services without hesitation.”

Scott M., MAP Customer


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Experience the MAP Difference for Yourself!

We offer a fully array of affordable receptionist service plans, and each is customizable to your specifications. However, you can see what we’re all about absolutely free! We offer prospective new clients a free trial of our live receptionist services with no strings attached. Contact us today to learn more or get started!