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Are Millennials Changing the Customer Service Experience?

Over the past couple of years, much has been made about the impact Millennials have had on our society. It seems you can’t get more than a few clicks online before running into a headline about the generation’s demands, habits, or beliefs. Whether Millennials are any more demanding than the previous generations before them remains… Read more »

Five Tips for Keeping Your Salon Appointment Books Full

Holidays, weddings, and prom season are a hair salon’s bread and butter. Everyone wants to get their hair done before their special event. It’s no surprise that many salons see lulls in their bookings outside of these occasions. Even the most acclaimed stylists have ebbs and flows in their schedule. Slow business can be disheartening,… Read more »

5 Ways Wedding Planners Can Survive Wedding Season

There are few people as busy as wedding planners in the months between April and October. Whilethey might technically work year round, their calendars stay particularly packed during wedding season. Everyone wants to tie the knot when the weather is nice, which leads to an inevitable stretch of back-to-back events where wedding planners work around… Read more »

Growing Your Plastic Surgery Practice

The intersection between health and beauty is a complex corner of the market. Reconstructive surgery patients are often seeking a procedure to help with a birth defect after a traumatic accident, and are covered by insurance. Others are electing to have surgery for cosmetic purposes and will pay cash. With two such different segments of… Read more »

Business Owners Reveal Their Secret To Staying Focused and Motivated

Entrepreneurship is a career path like no other. Without the safety net of an established company backing your hard work, each day can feel like walking a tight rope. Even when business is relatively stable, you may struggle with a lack of drive or focus on your goals. Every business owner experiences these feelings from… Read more »

5 Shows That Taught Us Business Life Lessons

We’re fortunate to be living in the golden age of television. The stories we see play out on our screens each week are more dynamic and layered than ever before. While many shows have life lessons to impart upon their viewers, business advice is a little more uncommon. Still, many of the most beloved TV… Read more »

The Human Customer Service Agent Experience vs. AI

The idea that robots could replace human workers used to be the stuff of science fiction. For centuries, writers explored the concept with both wonder and fear. As technology evolves, though, artificial intelligence becomes less of a sci-fi trope and more of a tool. Robotics has changed many industries, especially in manufacturing, but even healthcare,… Read more »

Seven Tips To Help You Get Better At Retaining Top Talent

In the modern world, company loyalty is often a thing of the past. Workers change jobs and even fields more frequently than ever. Whether the unpredictable economy, more appealing salaries, better commutes, additional perks or other factors are to blame, one thing is clear: retaining talent isn’t as easy as it once was. And replacing… Read more »

KonMari Method: Does Your Business Strategy Spark Joy?

Entrepreneurs are dreamers. Scrappy believers who will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, business owners have to operate with a degree of passion that other employees do not. After all, if an entrepreneur hopes to be profitable, their excitement for their business must be contagious. It’s how businesses appeal to investors, to their… Read more »

The Perfect Recipe for Running a Restaurant

The restaurant industry is a competitive one. Many launch and shutter within a year. Even the ones that survive their first year often struggle to find their foothold in the market. To be successful, restauranteurs must blend a unique combination of both business sense and creativity. It’s not something everyone can master. Like cooking a… Read more »