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Tips for Managing Business Growth

Growth is the lifeblood of any business. If you grow too quickly or without proper oversight, however, rapid expansion is often more of a detriment than a benefit. Companies become financially stretched, inventory is depleted, supply chains are stressed and, before you know it, customers are complaining and the business is destabilized. So how does a business accommodate growth most… Read more »

Making the Most of Your HR Department

The human resources department of any company has long been associated with one thing: the dreaded “pink slip.” But today’s HR department can offer more than just hiring or firing. Smart companies will leverage their HR team to create more satisfied, collaborative employees, resulting in a stronger team and a better company overall. Read on… Read more »

Different Organizations Your Executive Team Should Participate In

Most of us already understand the importance of networking — often it’s the deals we make through networking that turn out to be the most lucrative for our business. However, too many companies limit networking efforts exclusively to their sales department, which leaves a significant amount of potential business untapped. Small business owners typically understand the importance of… Read more »

Setting Smart Sales Goals

Sales teams are largely, and some would argue entirely, driven by goals. Sales goals are essential for tracking personal and team performance over time, and for giving salespeople, their managers, and department heads or executives, something tangible to reference. SMART goals have become quite popular in the sales world over the past decade or so…. Read more »

Pros & Cons of Telecommuting for Your Business

Mention the word, “telecommuting,” and it conjures up images of employees dressed in pajamas lounging around in a cozy nook of their homes. With a hot cup of coffee in one hand and their laptop sitting on the nearby table, they furiously type away on keyboards, Skype with clients during web conferences, and get their… Read more »

10 Apps to Make You More Efficient

Life gets hectic, and it never seems as if you have enough hours in your day to be productive enough to get all your tasks done. You end up getting partway done and then having twice as much to do the next day. Having a better way to complete your tasks and to simply make… Read more »

Incentivizing your Employees

Creating an incentive program for your employees can boost morale, increase productivity, and make a major impact on both sales and customer relationships. But leader beware, using a one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it when it comes to creating a truly powerful program that will actually get your employees feeling empowered and motivated to get the… Read more »

5 Ways to Network Your Business on Your Own Time

Most people in business — from small business owners to executives at publicly traded companies — understand the importance of networking. That’s why on any given day there are literally thousands of networking events taking place throughout the country. Whether you are a small business owner trying to make a name for yourself or a… Read more »

25 Lessons Learned from Top Entrepreneurs

It’s not a magic formula and there’s no short cut to achieving success, but learning from other successful entrepreneurs can help you lead the way to your own success. From Steve Jobs to Mark Cuban, every business leader has their own mantra and own rules to live and lead by. Eric Lefkofsky, founder of Groupon… Read more »