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Tips to Refine Your Receptionist Duties and Skills

Receptionists serve as the unofficial face of any organization. By definition, they’re often the first person a visitor meets in person or speaks to over the phone. Needless to say, this first point of contact is incredibly important. It’s often the first impression people get of your company. That puts a lot of pressure on… Read more »

Unique Gifts for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Gift giving can be stressful. That’s especially true if the person you’re shopping for is an entrepreneur who already has everything they could want. You’re probably eager to give something thoughtful, useful, and something indicative of how much you care about them. It’s a big ask, but not an insurmountable challenge. Gifts for business owners… Read more »

5 High Impact Tips to Help Your Sales Team Close More Business

Learning how to increase sales is simple in theory. By showing up, giving a well-prepared pitch, answering questions, and asking for a sale, you’ll already be heads and shoulders above much of your competition. In practice, though, selling is often much more complicated. While there’s no denying the underlying formula behind the process of closing… Read more »

How Virtual Receptionists Promote Better Customer Relationships

A virtual receptionist can do wonders for an organization’s productivity. They can also enrich customer relationships in unexpected ways. It’s not enough to simply deliver on expectations. To turn first-time customers into brand loyalists, it’s important to partner with a virtual receptionist. These professionals can transform your customer experience by enhancing existing service offerings and… Read more »

Inspirational Quotes About Growing Your Business in 2021

For many businesses, the last year has been about survival. With COVID-19 disrupting virtually every facet of the economy, companies were forced to evolve. The results have been impressive to watch. Business models were reinvented, employees shifted to remote work, and supply chain disruptions led to creative results. Indeed, the resilience of American businesses has… Read more »

How to Grow Your Law Firm’s Brand Reputation and Business

The question “how to grow a larm firm” is a popular one, and it’s no wonder why – running a successful law firm is more challenging than ever. The challenges that hinder growth – like competing with other firms and acquiring new clients – can render even the most talented of firms stagnant. Whether you’re… Read more »

7 Essential Tips for a Successful HVAC Business

Through the good times and bad, HVAC services are essential to the function of our homes and businesses. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning businesses maintain vital mechanical systems year-round, ensuring comfortable air temperatures and quality regardless of season. HVAC service technicians show up whenever and wherever they’re needed, providing essential support to customers. While the… Read more »

Phone Tips for Managing Real Estate Call Answering

There’s never a slow season for real estate professionals. Agents are constantly meeting new clients, showing off properties, and negotiating deals. There’s seemingly no end to what the can accomplish – their phones don’t stop ringing! While spinning plates, real estate agents must also juggle inbound calls. When letting a single call roll to voicemail… Read more »

Guide to Outsourcing Call Center Services

The customer experience is more important than ever before. Increased globalization means consumers have no shortage of options to choose from when they’re in the market for products and services. In many cases, the customer experience is the only thing setting one business apart from another. Given the importance of customer service, it’s no surprise… Read more »

Eight Qualities and Skills to Look For in a Great Receptionist

A good receptionist can be hard to find. Demand for these administrative professionals extends to virtually every industry on the planet. From doctor’s offices to law firms and beyond, there are stellar receptionists behind successful businesses everywhere. Of course, hiring a quality administrative worker can be a challenge. Even the most talented receptionists won’t be… Read more »