Five Tips for Keeping Your Salon Appointment Books Full

salon answering serviceHolidays, weddings, and prom season are a hair salon’s bread and butter. Everyone wants to get their hair done before their special event. It’s no surprise that many salons see lulls in their bookings outside of these occasions. Even the most acclaimed stylists have ebbs and flows in their schedule. Slow business can be disheartening, though – especially when there are bills to pay.

If you’re eager to book more appointments this month, give these tips a try.

Reward Loyal Customers

Think you need to choose between driving business and rewarding customers? Think again. Kill two birds with one stone by offering a pop-up service night for your most beloved customers. Throw an exclusive, client-only cocktail party to launch or rebrand a special service. Gauge interest by chatting with your most loyal clients – perhaps your demographic is most interested in balayage highlights or Brazilian blowouts – and design the night around a theme. Offer discounts, snacks, and bundled services for future appointments. You’ll build community, strengthen bonds, and of course, ensure your calendar stays full.

Don’t want to throw a special event? Consider other ways to reward customer loyalty while driving future bookings. When you’ve finished an appointment and are ringing a client up at the register, offer them a discount for booking their next session before leaving the salon. While some will prefer to wait and call for an appointment, many will be eager to take advantage of your offer. Don’t be surprised when you see a major impact on your schedule!

Host Workshops and Training Sessions for Clients

YouTube has made beauty vloggers into A-list celebrities, and for good reason: people love a DIY tutorial. A guided lesson on how to French braid your hair – one that you can pause, rewind and fast forward through at your leisure – is undeniably appealing. Take advantage of this trend by offering similar lessons, workshops and training sessions for your clients. Though these events may look a little different from your average booking, they help diversify your offerings and may even bring in new clientele.

Not sure what kind of tutorials to offer? Keep abreast of the latest hair trends by finding influencers that match your salon’s style. While you’re at it, build your social media following by modeling your profiles after these Insta-celebs. Relatable memes, gifs, and photos can help new clients find you and remind your loyal customers to get back in the salon chair!

Pick Up the Phone Every Single Time

How many appointments have you missed out on booking because you were shampooing a client’s hair when the phone rang? In small salons without a dedicated receptionist, stylists have to juggle the client in their chair with the daily operations of the business. Too often, this means letting phone calls go to voicemail. In many cases, callers will simply hang up and dial a competitor instead of leaving a message and waiting for a callback.

If you’re serious about keeping your appointment book full, you’ll need to pick up the phone every single time it rings. Regardless of business hours or how busy you are at the time a call comes in, answering the phone is crucial to the success of your business. Don’t want to be attached to your business line around the clock? Consider working with a salon answering service that operates 24 hours a day. You’ll book appointments while you focus on the clients in front of you, while you step out to grab lunch, and even while you sleep!

Go All-Inclusive

To entice clients to visit you beyond their maintenance appointments, consider offering an all-inclusive spa day package. It’s not every day that people can afford to splurge on manicures, pedicures, hair, and makeup. By bundling services, you create opportunities for affordable luxury. Model your offer on the all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean. Include cocktails, snacks, or even lunch in the price. Partner with a local spa, bring in a masseuse, and hire a guitarist to play soothing tunes to up the relaxation factor. You’d be surprised at how eager clients will be to take advantage of this staycation-style offer!

Offer BOGO Sales

There’s nothing more fun than going to a salon with your best friend or partner. Too often, though, clients hesitate at such an indulgent idea. After all, salon services add up quickly! If you’re hoping to entice people into spending an hour or two at your salon with a friend, consider offering buy-one-get-one-free, or BOGO, services. Suddenly, a girl’s date at the salon doesn’t seem so out of reach.

Worried that such techniques will end up costing you more than you make? While the client perception is that they’re receiving a great deal, BOGO sales are actually moneymakers for salons. Use this strategy any time you need to move inventory or create cash flow.

Stay Accessible with MAP Communications

Ultimately, the space in your appointment book directly correlates to the number of calls you answer. If you’re looking for an easy, affordable way to ensure your phone is quickly answered by a professional receptionist every time it rings, consider a partnership with MAP Communications.

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