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MAP Communications is the partner your Customer Service Department has been seeking to boost the customer experience and improve customer retention.

four call center agents working in an outsourced customer service departmentThe customer experience has never been more important. While customer service has always been a priority, increased competition has only made it a more crucial priority for every business. You’re no longer competing with businesses around town or around the state – instead, customers can order products and services from around the world with just a few simple taps on their smartphones. Simply delivering on your promises is no longer enough. Now, you’ve got to make your customer feel engaged, welcomed, and appreciated.

Curious about how to improve customer service? You’re not alone. Customer service managers and executives down the street and around the world are eager to improve their customer support processes. At the same time, internal operating costs can balloon without careful planning and resource management. Thankfully, outsourced customer service call centers that place an emphasis on the customer experience can be both effective and affordable. It’s the ideal solution for a challenge that can normally be quite expensive to overcome.

Why Use a Customer Service Call Center

24/7/365 Availability

One of the major benefits of a call center to your business is availability. When you’re competing with businesses around the world, you can’t afford to abandon your phones (and customers) at the end of the business day. Callers can also feel neglected if they struggle to get through to your team during the day due to long wait times. This is where customer support call center services can come into play.

Highly trained call center workers can take over for your staff as you head home to relax and recover. 24-hour call center services ensure round-the-clock customer support coverage. You can also use a call center partner to share call handling duties with during busy times. A call overflow service prevents customers from sitting through long holds as they are able to speak with a helpful representative right away. This kind of availability is a huge benefit as it leads to happy customers and better retention.

Full Customization and Improved Productivity

call center representatives providing customer serviceCall centers that offer full customization makes transition to a partnership easy. Working from carefully developed call scripts tailored to your precise policies and procedures, call center representatives ensure there is always a friendly voice on the end of the line. In fact, your callers may never even notice they’re speaking with a third party. Your customers will be treated to the same quality customer experience no matter when they prefer to call.

Virtual call center benefits for your customer service team don’t end there, of course. With phone calls taken off their plates, your team will gain more time to focus on advanced support cases and special projects they’re uniquely qualified to handle. They’ll also benefit from a healthier work/life balance, knowing they can head home at the end of the workday with customers in good hands.

Cost Savings

Ultimately, outsourced call center services can improve your professional reputation while also lowering internal operating costs. Rather than hiring, training and supporting a new team of customer service professionals yourself, you can outsource the task to MAP Communications. You can rest assured that your callers will be treated to the same stellar customer experience they’ve grown used to for a fraction of the time and energy that you might normally expend.

Once you add up the costs associated with adding people to your customer service team or even the price of building out and operating your own call center, the numbers balloon quickly. Alternatively, you can take advantage of a resource like MAP who has already invested in all the people, infrastructure, and technology to run a great call center. This cost-effective approach to customer service is used by many companies who enjoy being known for great customer experiences.

Types of Customer Service Call Center Offerings

The wide range of call center benefits become obvious once you delve into the different types of service offerings. Beyond traditional customer support calls, our team can also provide solutions like…

Call Routing

Don’t make your callers navigate complicated, frustrating automated menus. Our team can be the first point of contact as we triage the caller issue and get them transferred to the proper destination. Call routing makes it instantly easier to connect callers with the right department or individual for their needs.

Technical Support and Help Desk

Technical support has also become a key component of the customer experience. A customer service help desk can troubleshoot many of the most common questions about your product or services, saving your team valuable time and energy. We provide tier 1 tech support so your team can focus on the more complex issues.

Product Recalls

Taking on a product recall project is never fun. We can help take some of the headaches out of the process with our streamlined call handling. Product recall hotlines allow you to collect information from callers while allowing your team to focus on specific projects or KPIs stemming from the recall.

Bilingual Support

bilingual customer service call center representativeAs our country grows more and more diverse, it becomes more important to cater to customers of all backgrounds. Hiring a full time bilingual staff can be expensive, but with a call center team as your partner, you’ll never again have to worry about miscommunications with your customers. Our bilingual call center services open up numerous possibilities to provide great support for callers who are more comfortable speaking a different language.

Outsource Your Customer Support with MAP Communications

Our call centers are based right here in the United States and we are an employee-owned company. When your callers speak with us, they are talking to a person who has a vested interest in providing excellent service. We work with companies across the country who have decided that outsourcing their customer service phone support to MAP is the right choice. We customize the ideal plan at an affordable rate for each client to ensure customer success.

If you’re eager to see how a call service can benefit your customer experience, consider trying our call center services for a week with no obligations and no cost. This free trial is a great way to preview our resources and offerings with zero risk. With no commitment to continue using our services after the trial period ends, why not give MAP a try?

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