Professionals across industries, job types, and departments come to MAP when they want a communication solution to help them achieve their goals. Our different corporate call center services can be applied in many use cases to solve challenges and make you the hero of your workplace. Discover the different call services MAP provides for your job role:

MAP for Customer Service

four call center agents working in an outsourced customer service departmentCompanies of all shapes and sizes have chosen MAP as their customer service partner. From handling overflow calls during busy periods, to being the full customer service department for callers, MAP has 30 years of experience creating affordable solutions and providing customer support for businesses that want to leverage the benefits of our US-based call center services for customer service.
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MAP for Sales and Marketing

woman using her phone to browse the sales leads collected by MAP CommunicationsWhen campaign results are a priority for Sales and Marketing professionals, they turn to MAP. We have a proven history of maximizing ROI while helping reach campaign goals, because we know the difference between qualified leads and those that are a waste of your time. Teaming up with MAP to capture and qualify leads is the ideal way to make the most out of every call so you can focus on closing the deal.
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MAP for Human Resources

a Human Resources manager analyzing trends based on call center dataMAP provides employee hotline solutions that make the lives of human resource professionals so much easier. Our communication tools keep everyone on the same page while improving productivity and accountability. Managers and employees alike prefer MAP hotlines as a third party solution rather than having to deal with messy internal processes that eat into time and privacy.
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MAP for Tech Support

Image of a woman talking on the phone to get IT support for her computerThose in the tech support world know that not every help desk call is created equal. Many are very simple, straightforward, and don’t require much expertise. Others can be much more complicated and require the right person to reach a resolution. MAP call center service for tech support takes all those tier 1 calls off your plate so you can focus on the complex tickets while ensuring each caller gets the attention and resolution they need.
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MAP for Small Business Owners

Image of five people in a conference room who are using an answering service for small businessesSmall businesses use MAP call services to handle their incoming phone calls. Whether that is our live virtual receptionist services to manage callers during the day or an after hours answering service to make sure they don’t miss any calls outside of regular business hours, MAP is proud to work with so many small business owners.
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Interested in how MAP Communications can help you succeed in your role? Contact us today, tell us what you want to accomplish, and we’ll show you how a customized call center plan can fit your budget and exceed your expectations.