Technical Support and Help Desk Call Center Services

Tier one technical support and help desk call center services to assist your callers with their hardware/software issues. We’re US-based and available 24/7!

Help Desk Call CenterMost people dread calling a support number for fear that they will have to suffer through long wait times and difficult conversations. Unhappy customers are a nightmare for any business, which is why help desk and tech support are such important elements in a business. A level 1 tech support call center can relieve many of the most common pain points in the customer experience, empowering frustrated clients and instilling a sense of calm and capability in them.

When someone calls in to a support number, it’s almost always because they need help with a problem. Call agents on the other end of the line need to be helpful, courteous, and professional as they manage frustrated callers. If you want to change technical support from a business liability into one of your greatest strengths, then let MAP show you the way with our IT answering service and help desk answering and virtual receptionist services.

MAP Communications Technical Support Call Center Services

With technical support services from MAP, you can rest assured that your customers will experience the highest quality service when they call in with technical issues. With efficiency, our live agents can diagnose problems and put your callers at ease. If your company offers a maintenance agreement, we can provide them with a corresponding level of technical support and route calls differently depending on the caller’s support plan.

One of the greatest benefits of technical support from MAP is the ability to filter out those calls that don’t require expert attention. How many times has your technician been called for an issue that could have waited or been solved by a tier one support team? Through basic trouble shooting and triage, we can solve problems, open support tickets, and route callers to the appropriate individuals based on the complexity of their issue.

We handle calls about both hardware and software and can offer support for a wide variety of businesses. In the event of a crashed server, our team will receive notifications and we can immediately contact the appropriate individuals within your organization. Should a bug or outage disrupt your processes, our help desk call center employees can jump in and help out with call overflow situations. By offering seamless support 24 hours a day, your customers will never be without help.

Help Desk Answering Service Analytics

help desk answering service teamThe benefits of our help desk call center don’t stop there. We offer a suite of tools and resources to help you better understand why your customers are calling. By capturing data about each call, we allow your team to monitor and respond to performance throughout your organization. We believe our technical support call center services should serve as both a customer service tool as well as a quality management resource. Thanks to actionable data, monitoring trends has never been easier.

The information we collect about each call allows our help desk answering service to deliver more personalized experiences to callers. Should a client call your team back at a later date, detailed notes about their account will be readily available so you never miss a beat. This allows your team to solve problems more quickly, leading to greater customer satisfaction. In turn, you’ll see both client loyalty and your reputation for quality grow. Our tech support call center is so much more than mere troubleshooting.

Here’s what you can expect from MAP Communications Tech Support Call Center Services:

  • A team of dedicated call agents who are trained to handle tech support calls with tactfulness and a courteous tone.
  • Greatly increased availability for you and your office.
  • 24/7 tech support call center coverage that is even standing by on all holidays.
  • A customized help desk script that is designed to take care of your callers.
  • Full access to call tracking tools that enable you to regularly monitor our performance and manage your calls with clarity.
  • A team dedicated to representing your company with professional, knowledgeable technical support.

Customer expectations are constantly evolving. An agile tech support call answering service allows for ultimate flexibility. Adjust your coverage based on call volume, times you know you’ll be understaffed, or just when you want to take the night off. Affordable rates make it easy to try new strategies, employ refreshed call scripts, and deliver consistent results for your callers. It’s everything you could ever want from a tier 1 tech support call center.

No matter the size of your business, MAP can handle it. We offer coverage for IT departments within large companies or we can provide full coverage for small IT businesses. To keep your business organized, all calls and support tickets are logged in our secure online portal so you can sort, review, and back them up as necessary.

MAP is based in the U.S. and is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to help answer any phone calls. We want to prove that excellent technical support is possible for every business. If you’re ready to delight your customers with excellent phone support, give us a call today.

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