Call Routing/Forwarding/Patching/Transfer

MAP live receptionists provide professional patching, transfer and call routing services to make sure your callers are able to speak with the right person.

Woman on the phone speaking to a call routing receptionist

Call routing services play a crucial role in the daily operations of modern businesses. Since the advent of smartphones, we’ve all become glued to our devices. The mobility smartphones afford us is undeniable. It’s easy to do business out of the office, around town, or wherever our days might take us.

That convenience can be a double-edged sword, though – for every important client call we pick up on, there are just as many spam calls and time-wasting conversations someone else should be handling that interrupt our productivity. If you’re eager to connect with clients while minimizing these kinds of interruptions, a call routing service is the solution.

What is Call Routing?

Ever dialed a big company and heard options like “press one for billing” or “press five for customer support?” These kinds of menus help route calls to the right departments. A live call routing service provides a humanized version of that experience for callers with more warmth and professionalism than any auto attendant can offer.

Whether you’re a small business looking to create a professional appearance for callers or a medium/large size company that requires an efficient call routing solution, MAP Communications answering service with inbound call routing and transferring is an ideal fit. We work with all kinds of organizations to create customized call routing, forwarding, patching, and transfer services.

Our friendly virtual receptionists answer each call and can screen certain types of inquiries by providing information or taking a message if that’s all that’s necessary. Or we can route callers to the correct person or department with a warm or cold transfer depending upon your preference. Our call answering and forwarding service is all about building the perfect plan to fit your requirements.

How Call Routing Works

Setting up business call routing is simple. Begin by considering what types of calls you and your team would like to receive and when. Perhaps you only want qualified sales leads pushed through to your personal cell phone during traditional business hours. Maybe you prefer to speak to new clients yourself and want customer support calls handled by your colleagues instead. Do technical support calls go one place and account billing inquires go somewhere else? Whatever your preferences, we’ll help you craft customized call routing solutions fit for your business.

Next, work with our team to develop a customized script that’s perfect for your company’s brand and voice. The MAP virtual receptionists can work from your exact wording and phrasing and weave in specific details about your business. In many cases, your callers may never realize they’re speaking with a third-party call routing service. This seamless integration of your policies, procedures, and preferred vocabulary makes it simple for our team to route calls and address frequently asked questions without skipping a beat.

When callers dial your business, they’ll be treated to the same professional, polite, service they’ve grown accustomed to. They’ll speak with one of our friendly receptionists about their reason for calling and be instantly routed to the right person or department. Using your exact parameters for patching calls through, our team will connect callers with the right person or department. Or, if it’s outside the hours your team accepts calls, we can collect contact information, take messages, schedule appointments, answer FAQs, or take care of callers however you prefer.

Call routing becomes a breeze with MAP on the job. Of course, we’re so much more than just an answering service with call transfer options. In fact, we offer a whole suite of online tools to help you manage your incoming calls and track the work we do for you.

Receptionist providing call patching services

Criteria for Routing Calls

How, why and when we route calls is totally up to you. Here are just a few of the criteria we can use to decide how a call is handled:

  • Time – Want incoming calls after 5:00 PM routed to a specific employee? We can make it happen. Set parameters for inbound call handling based on your preferred schedule.
  • Caller Identification – A lot can be gleaned from caller ID services, including the location of a given caller. If you want all calls from a particular area code directed to one office over another, MAP employees can route the calls seamlessly.
  • Reason for Calling – Not all inbound calls are created equal. We can route important client calls directly to your cell while taking messages from solicitors who might otherwise waste your time.

These are just a handful of the most common criteria for routing inbound calls. We can tailor our live call routing services to your precise specifications, so the options for customization are truly endless.

When to Use Call Routing Services

Call routing services are as versatile as they are convenient. Regardless of the size of your business or the industry in which you work, it’s important to increase your availability and presence by using multiple numbers forwarded to a single location. For example, if you’re a regional real estate company, you might have several phone numbers with local area codes for each of your locations. Call routing can route these widespread calls to a single location or appropriate individuals, making it easier to connect customers with local service professionals in a timely fashion.

This setup is beneficial for everyone involved. Your business becomes more efficient and productive. Your employees will appreciate the increased time they’ll gain to focus on their most important tasks. Your callers will be grateful for the improved availability that so often accompanies call routing. With your calls covered, you’ll end your reliance on voicemail boxes, too. Missed messages become a thing of the past once you’ve partnered with a live call routing service.

Perks of Call Routing

There’s nothing more annoying than getting the customer service runaround when you’re in need of assistance. That’s why you’d never dream of putting your own customers through such a process, right? While most businesses aim to provide the best customer support possible and to limit the amount of transfers necessary to connect folks, the reality isn’t always that simple.

Call forwarding can be complicated, especially when callers don’t know precisely to whom they’d like to speak. MAP Communications can help represent your company with a professional first point of contact, then direct callers to the appropriate person or department with our call routing answering service.

Even when you’re not around to take calls, MAP can help ensure your potential clients have a friendly and helpful voice on the end of the line. A call transfer service like MAP’s helps to guarantee that regardless of what time of day or night it might be, our virtual receptionists are assisting your callers when they need it most. A live representative can provide the kind of peace of mind and trust inherent to building a loyal base of customers. With our 24 hour a day, seven days a week coverage, MAP presents a public face that’s always on and always helpful.

A call answering and forwarding service can impact your productivity in surprising ways. Imagine how much more you and your colleagues could accomplish without the phone constantly interrupting your focus. Receptionist call routing is a great form of gatekeeping, ensuring that only the most relevant, urgent calls get passed onto you and your team. You’ll gain so much more free time as we handle every incoming call and direct them to the appropriate staff member or department if necessary.

Image of a businessman receiving a transferred call from his virtual receptionist

Live Call Routing vs. Call Forwarding

We offer both call routing and call forwarding services. Curious about the difference? Call forwarding is a feature that forwards calls to the device or number that the person they wish to contact is currently using. It allows you the freedom to work anywhere and take calls on the go. Call forwarding is ideal for anyone who wants to escape the office but remain in touch with incoming calls. It’s also perfect for when you want to forward your phone line to a third party call handling partner like MAP.

Live call routing is different. This call management feature allows calls to be answered by a central hub of representatives who then distribute incoming calls to the correct person within the organization. Frequently used to improve the caller experience, call routing allows business professionals to only receive the calls they want to handle.

Both of these tools have their benefits. Leverage call forwarding and call routing services to prioritize customer service while saving valuable time.

Try MAP’s Call Routing Services Now

Anyone looking for that extra administrative boost with productivity and customer service offerings can benefit from a conversation with MAP. An answering service that routes calls can give you the freedom to focus on the daily operations necessary to run a business. Why multitask when you can have a highly-trained virtual receptionist on hand 24 hours a day to help cover the phones? More affordable than hiring an in-house receptionist, MAP is the business solution that enables you to reach new heights. Get started with a free trial of our call answering and forwarding service by contacting us today.