Product Recall Call Center Service

Ease the burden of a product recall by partnering with MAP Communications. Our professional, experienced staff provides Product Recall Call Center Services of the highest level.

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There are few things more stressful than handling a product recall. On top of managing the hundreds of calls from concerned customers, your company must also work to find an alternative solution to the problems caused by the recalled product. Perhaps there are design flaws that need addressed or safety issues to fix. Regardless of the cause for the recall, your to-do list becomes longer than ever when dealing with the fall out.

Allow a product recall call center partner to take the customer service element off of your plate. By having a product recall hotline service in place to take the complaints, concerns and questions of your customers off your hands, you and your team can focus on finding a solution to your challenges. Reduce the stress you’re facing by entrusting your customer service to MAP Communications. Experienced in efficiently handling product recall projects, our team can work from a customized script to take calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Product Recall Hotline Services for Your Business

A product recall call center service can offer superhuman customer support. While your administrative workers are no doubt experienced and talented, MAP Communications employs an entire team of call center superheroes ready to handle whatever call comes their way. Unlike the average administrative assistant, the team behind a product recall hotline can work around the clock, servicing callers from all over the world. That means when it’s time for you to take a much needed night off, MAP Communications continues to serve the needs of your customers.

Image of a warehouse owned by a company that is using a product recall hotline serviceThere’s no denying that such a hotline for product recalls can save you money, too. Imagine employing an administrative assistant to man the phones 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to the costly employee benefits and office supplies they’ll need to do their job, you’re also looking at a high hourly wage for someone both experienced and skilled at handling frustrated callers. With MAP Communications, you only pay for the time we spend actually speaking with your customers. And we’ve made sure to affordably price our product recall call center services, because we understand that your company is very conscious about budget at times like these.

The Customer Experience

In addition to round-the-clock availability, product recall services include the most stellar customer service experience possible. Bilingual services are available for Spanish-speaking callers, making MAP’s support second to none. All customer calls are fielded by experienced, highly-trained customer service agents who are based right here in the United States. Our qualified agents can help rebuild customer confidence in your brand. In a situation where your good reputation is in jeopardy, that kind of support is truly invaluable.

How MAP Communications Product Recall Answering and Virtual Receptionist Services Can Help

When your customers are looking for information about a product recall, we can inform them about the details surrounding a recall and provide next steps for them to take. We’ll convey empathy, understanding and professionalism on your behalf. Protecting your business’s good name is our main objective.

In many cases, product recall call center support need set up quickly. MAP Communications is ready to partner with you at a moment’s notice. Call today to see how we can customize our highly effective product recall services to fit your requirements.

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