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As the Spanish-speaking population in the United States continues to grow, more and more companies require bilingual answering services to stay competitive and serve a larger customer base. Whether your client pool speaks only Spanish or if you would like to provide bilingual customer service so your callers may choose the language they are more comfortable with, MAP Communications can help. A leader in the answering service industry, MAP can provide all of our call center services in both English and Spanish.

Not every company has Spanish-speaking employees. Don’t let that hold you back from catering to Spanish-speaking demographics. MAP bilingual virtual receptionists can assist with everything from scheduling appointments and collecting information from new prospects to troubleshooting tech problems and placing orders for customers. There’s no better partner than MAP for embracing your Spanish-speaking clientele.

Our Bilingual Answering Service Offerings 

Image of a Spanish answering service agentHere’s how our bilingual answering service works: we’ll build two custom scripts for your clients based on your input. One will be in Spanish and one in English so that our live receptionists can use the one your caller prefers. Next, we’ll work with you to understand how you’d like those messages conveyed. This will improve your credibility with your Spanish-speaking customers and prove to them that you’re committed to serving them well. Of course, there’s the added benefit that you’ll have someone else handling the phones, allowing you to focus on your business rather than handling callers.

We’re so much more than just an answering service that speaks Spanish. MAP also offers Spanish speaking call center services and bilingual receptionist services. These options provides fast solutions to many of the most common administrative challenges. Our bilingual call center employees can help your callers place orders, track shipments, and schedule appointments. Prefer a more customized approach? Our Spanish speaking answering service agents can provide in-depth problem-solving, tech support, and solutions to common caller requests. No matter what kind of support you require, MAP has the resources and tools to get the job done.

Why Partner with a Spanish Speaking Call Center

MAP Communications can even help give you a competitive edge over your peers. By expanding into Spanish-speaking markets, you can tap into an entire new demographic of customers that might have previously been closed off to you. Even in communities where folks are bilingual, allowing customers to speak their native Spanish when calling will undoubtedly boost their loyalty to your company.

While Spanish is becoming more widespread in the United States, very few companies implement bilingual support for callers. When a Spanish speaker dials your company, they’ll be pleasantly surprised to find an option to speak in their preferred language. The impact of such a moment can’t be undersold. You’re not just connecting with people linguistically – a Spanish speaking call center can help create lifelong customers with a single conversation.

Expand Your Client Base and Provide the Best Possible Support with Bilingual Call Center Services

MAP’s bilingual call center services are a great way to help small business owners expand their domain into Spanish-speaking communities, but that’s far from the only benefit of working with us. In addition to 24 hour a day, 7 day a week service, you’ll receive access to an entire suite of management tools to help ensure calls are being handled the way you’d like. The tracking software allows you to zoom out and look at trends in calls, and also allows you to dive into individual calls and messages. The best part? You only pay for the calls we handle, so there’s no paying a receptionist to wait around for the phone to ring.

Image of a bilingual call center agentMeet your Spanish-speaking clients where they’re at and work with MAP today. Allocate your resources more efficiently and pass off administrative duties to our bilingual virtual receptionists. For more than twenty years, MAP has been committed to providing the best bilingual answering services with both professionalism and care. If your company or organization could benefit from a Spanish answering service, we’d love to hear from you.

It’s our mission to ease communication between companies and their callers. That goal is never more important than when a Spanish speaker is on the line. In a world that’s so English-centric, a conversation in a person’s native language can be incredibly meaningful. With so much on the line, it’s important to partner with a Spanish speaking call center that has experience and a proven track record for success. Thankfully, MAP has both. We’ve become a leader in our industry for a reason: the careful, deliberate and respectful service we provide makes every caller feel special, no matter their preferred language.

Start Your Free Trial Today

When you’re ready to take a plunge and give our bilingual call center services a try, our free, week-long trial is the perfect opportunity to see what we can do at no risk to you. Our Spanish speaking call center is easy to work with, and beginning your trial is as simple as filling out some information about your company’s requirements. There’s no obligation to subscribe to our answering services, nor any credit card information required. Simply call us, or fill out this form and one of our friendly representatives will be in touch soon.

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