How to Do Your Customer Service Audit

Customer service drives your business forward and therefore should be given priority in your overall operations. However, when companies are performing well, focusing on meeting their quarterly financial objectives, developing new projects and services and coming up with marketing strategies to bring in more leads, they may actually become complacent and lose sight of what got them to their level of achievement in the first place.Customer Service Audit

Each business will have unique concerns to focus on, of course, with some industries requiring much more customer engagement than others. For example, a medium sized bed and breakfast might have much more interaction between staffers and employees than a small hardware store.

Each type of business will have different types of questions to ask when doing a customer service audit. But no company can expect to prosper if it neglects customers through poor service. This underscores the need for companies to check in on their customer service internally. Here is a checklist of things to look for to ensure that your service is up to par.

  1. Ratio of Answered Calls to Unanswered Calls

Is your company so short on staff that sometimes you see an employee scrambling to run across the room to answer a call that’s been ringing off the hook? Unanswered calls can cast a black pall over a company. Keep track of calls that go unanswered or that go to voicemail.

  1. Do Employees Understand all Important Aspects of the Business?

Employees who cannot answer basic customer questions are a drag on your company. Make sure they get proper training so they can better address queries and guide customers to the appropriate product or service.

  1. Number of Complaints in a Given Period

Weekly statistics might be needed for your particular company, especially if you do a high volume of business. Otherwise, monitor the number of complaints you receive each month and compare the results to see if you are improving or declining.

  1. Number of Instances Where Customers Praise the Company/Employee

Compliments are just as important as complaints to keep track of. You can get details from incoming emails, posts on your company’s social media channels as well as on note cards that you leave out to solicit customer feedback and ratings.

  1. How Long Does Staff Take to Respond to Inquiries?

Phones should always be answered immediately. If you lack the staff resources to answer each call as it comes in, it’s a sign that you need to hire more people. A more practical solution is to work with a third party call center to handle all the incoming calls, 24/7.

  1. Do Employees Ask if They’ve Addressed All Customer Questions and Complaints?

Your employees should never assume that all of a customer’s needs have been addressed. Verify that they ask the customer if they need to take care of anything else before trying to conclude the call.

  1. Do We Conduct Regular Staff Meetings to Cover Customer Service Issues?

A company that does not examine itself from time to time can become lost and drift from its core values. You should establish ongoing meetings to share concerns and complaints so members of your team can learn from one another about handling ongoing customer problems.

  1. Following Up

How do you know if you’ve thoroughly met your customers’ needs if you don’t check in with them after rendering service? Track how well you are doing at following up with customers.

  1. Do Employees Have Authority to Make Things Right on Their Own?

When a customer calls in with a problem, can your employees come up with a solution by themselves, or do they have to bring in a manager to take over? Many businesses find that they increase profits and expand their customer base faster when they empower employees to make creative and useful solutions.

  1. Magic Words

Does every employee interaction with customers include the use of courteous terms including “please” and “thank you?” It’s almost a cliché to point these out, but using these magic words on a consistent basis will help ensure your team keeps customer service top of mind.

At MAP Communications, each member of our team knows the importance of providing outstanding customer service. Behaving professionally and courteously with each person we interact with is our highest priority. If your customer service audit shows that you could use some improvement in how you communicate with people contacting your business, you’ll want to consider outsourcing customer support. For more information about how we deliver outstanding customer service, please contact the professionals at MAP Communications today.