Unique Gifts for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Gift giving can be stressful. That’s especially true if the person you’re shopping for is an entrepreneur who already has everything they could want. You’re probably eager to give something thoughtful, useful, and something indicative of how much you care about them. It’s a big ask, but not an insurmountable challenge. Gifts for business owners don’t need to be limited to boring stationery or tech accessories. By opening your mind to the possibilities, you might surprise yourself with how creative your gift can be!

How to Choose the Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs

There are several strategies to employ when searching for gifts for entrepreneurs. Start by thinking back to things they’ve mentioned in passing over the last few months. Perhaps you went shopping together and noticed their interest in a particular item but put it back to save some cash. Surprising someone with a splurge gift they wouldn’t normally get themselves is a great way to spread holiday cheer.

Another tactic to try when searching for small business Christmas gifts is to fix annoyances in your special someone’s life. Perhaps their office is too sunny during the afternoon hours and blackout shades might provide them some relief. Maybe their computer has been running slow and you buy them a gift card to a local tech repair shop for support. Perhaps they’ve been slumped over their computer for too many hours and could benefit from a massage from your favorite local spa. The possibilities are endless.

Of course, some of the very best presents are actually intangible gifts. Experiential gifts have risen in popularity through the years and are a great option if you’re having difficulty shopping for someone. While material gifts are always great, non-physical gifts offer more variety and surprise. A warning, though: as you browse through potential non-material gifts to give the entrepreneur in your life, be careful not to choose something that forces the recipient to make more choices or complete chores associated with the gift. There’s nothing worse than feeling burdened by someone else’s generosity!

Still unsure what gifts for business owners you should buy this holiday season? Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination:

A Conversation with a Local Expert

The best gifts for entrepreneurs allow them to grow their skills, insight, and experience. Consultants are great at shedding light on industry-specific trends, provide expertise in a specific market, and offer much-needed objectivity on sensitive subject matter. Of course, these services come at a price many entrepreneurs simply can’t afford on tight margins. As much as they might like to hire a consultant to review their website, menu, or inventory, many small business owners just can’t justify the added expense. That’s where a thoughtful small business Christmas gift can come into play.

Many consultants offer speciality packages around the holiday season with such entrepreneurs in mind. They often feature miniature versions of their full services, fulfilling smaller needs of smaller businesses. Buying an hour of a consultant’s time is an excellent gift for business owners. Just be sure you’re seeking out the right professional for the job. Not sure where to find such a person? Try looking through the social media page of your gift recipient. They may follow local business influencers or consultants who can lead you to the right connection.

A Monthly Subscription

Monthly subscriptions are good gifts for small business owners who might not normally treat themselves to such a service. When you’re running a business, time is literally money. Most entrepreneurs don’t want to sacrifice the time or effort they’re putting into running a business, which is why subscriptions are such a good option. This kind of gift can take many forms. A meal preparation subscription box is one option for busy entrepreneurs who want to take care of their dietary needs but don’t have time to cook. Similarly, a wine subscription is a great way to treat busy professionals who like to relax with a glass of the good stuff at the end of a long work day.

There are even monthly subscription boxes designed specifically for entrepreneurs. Sign up your favorite small business owner for a monthly supply of business cards, office supplies, and inspirational books. Subscription boxes have become an increasingly popular source of inspiration and education for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners alike. By featuring such a wide range of unique and local products and services, they provide foundational support for businesses the world over. It’s no wonder they’ve become must haves for small business owners.

Not sure a subscription box is right for your giftee? Even the most classic of subscription gifts – like a magazine subscription – can delight and inspire your favorite entrepreneur.

Quality Photography and Graphic Design

Almost every business can benefit from a partnership with an experienced photographer or videographer. These services can run a pretty penny, though, forcing many small business owners to take the DIY route early in their careers. While you might not have the cash to foot the bill for a complete product photoshoot or commercial videography, paying for professional headshots is a great gift for business owners.

Do your research before you buy. Look into quality local photographers who have experience shooting headshots. You may even want to give your friend or colleague a certificate they can redeem with the photographer themselves.

Along this same line of thinking, consider whether your favorite small business owner might benefit from graphic design services. There are tons of incredible designers offering their services online. From logo design to website revamps, there’s very little these professionals can’t do! While you might be tempted to solicit a new design on behalf of your friend, it’s best to let them take the driver’s seat on this kind of gift.

A Local Ad

Getting the word out about a new business is one of the most challenging parts of being an entrepreneur. You can have the best products and services on the planet, but if nobody knows about them, you’ll have trouble turning a profit. That’s why a local advertisement is one of the best gifts for entrepreneurs. This can be as simple as placing an ad in the local newspaper, giving credit for paid ads on social media, or buying airtime on a local television or radio station.

Virtual Receptionist Services

Does the small business owner in your life spread themselves too thinly? Maybe they’re always in a rush to get to another meeting or find themselves taking calls even on nights and weekends when they’re supposed to be relaxing. One of the very best gifts for business owners is the gift of free time. But how does one give such an ephemeral, non-material gift?

We suggest virtual receptionist services, answering services and call center support. These tools can all be used to bolster existing service offerings while providing some much-needed administrative relief for small business owners. Professional receptionists can answer inbound calls, qualify leads, schedule appointments, place orders, and even provide tier one technical support for customers. Since these services are offered 24 hours a day, the small business owner in your life never needs to close up shop. Instead, they can simply turn on coverage as they head home for the night, the weekend, or on vacation.

Virtual receptionist services aren’t just for down time, though – that’s what makes them the perfect gift for entrepreneurs. In a 24/7 world, your friend or colleague may not be able to go truly offline. Instead, they can rely on skilled virtual receptionists to serve as their metaphorical storefront, providing the first line of customer service while stakeholders attend to the most important items on their to-do lists.

As you shop around for good gifts for small business owners, it’s wise to consider what challenges your friend or colleague is facing at work. Give them something to help overcome those challenges and they’ll love you forever! Perhaps they’ve just opened their business and are having trouble connecting with Spanish-speaking customers. A bilingual virtual receptionist can really come in handy to support their business.

Try MAP Free for Seven Days

Searching for gifts for business owners doesn’t have to be difficult. By thoughtfully considering a friend’s challenges, needs, and priorities in business, you’re sure to find the perfect present. Of course, delighting friends can be as easy as signing them up for a few months with MAP Communications.

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Unique Gifts for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
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Unique Gifts for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
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