Automated vs Live Answering: Which is Best for Your Business?

Technology has afforded business owners with a lot of luxuries. Before the invention of the computer or smartphone, we relied upon things like typewriters, rolodexes and adding machines to keep our businesses running. There was also no alternative to hiring a secretary; if there was no one around to pick up the phone when it… Read more »

10 Things Small Business Owners Can Be Grateful for This Season

Small business owners know the value of reflection. Self-awareness is critical to success, and taking an honest look at our goals, achievements, setbacks and challenges can help prepare us for what lies ahead. Even more important, though, is the need for gratitude. It’s easy to lose focus on how good you have it when you’re… Read more »

Create a Healthy Business Culture with This Important Tool

Smart business owners recognize whistleblowers as allies, not snitches. While it can be frustrating to learn of unethical behavior, whistleblowers present an opportunity for greater transparency and honesty in your organization. Unfortunately, though, they are too often seen as traitors who sell out their colleagues. Because of this, many employees have a very real fear… Read more »

10 Times the Show Parks and Rec Inspired Entrepreneurs

Great television has a way of bringing people together. Through the years, we’ve all stood around a coffee pot or watercooler rehashing our favorite moments from a newly aired episode. The best television shows go even further: they inspire us in unexpected ways. No one tuning into NBC’s Parks and Rec, starring Amy Poehler and… Read more »

5 Warning Signs You’re Losing Qualified Leads

Every salesperson, no matter their industry, knows the value of nursing a qualified lead. It’s more art than science, but the careful handling of a prospect can result in a win for both client and salesperson alike. With an increasingly global world, competition is becoming increasingly international. The world is the prospect’s oyster, with no… Read more »

BEWARE! Long Hold Times Can Turn Customers into Zombies

“Your call is important to us. Please hold while we assist other customers.” Is there anything more frightening than these dreaded words? It can be horrifying to watch the minutes slowly slip away from you, with no way of knowing how much longer you’ll be forced to hold. It’s the stuff of nightmares. If there’s… Read more »

5 Simple Strategies to Uncover What Your Customers Really Want

Sometimes knowing what your customers really want can seem as easy as predicting the future. Other times, you may spend a lot of time and money developing a product or service and there is little response from customers. How can you uncover what products or services your customers really want from you? Use these five… Read more »

How Outsourcing Order Taking Can Increase Your Profit

When a customer calls a business, they are looking for a personal connection. Speaking with a knowledgeable representative helps the customer feel confident about their purchase. For many businesses, time spent speaking with customers and taking orders is vital to their company’s success. In addition to building connections with their customers, it provides them with… Read more »

Preview of the multitasking infographic

The Truth Behind Multitasking: Productivity’s #1 Killer

Everyone multitasks. It’s something we do without much thought. That thoughtlessness is why multitasking is actually a productivity killer. Check out this infographic that details the truth about multitasking, how it’s actually destroying productivity, and what you can do to get back on track. There really are some great alternatives to multitasking that are actually… Read more »

Five Benefits of Having a Virtual Secretary That May Change Your Perspective

It’s a conundrum of every small business owner: do I hire more help or shoulder the long hours myself? While it’s normal to put in extra time in the early stages of your company’s life, growth demands additional help. Whether you’re just starting out, hoping to expand, or are looking for ways to become a… Read more »