4 Signs You Need a Virtual Receptionist

The Great Resignation has business owners everywhere rethinking their staffing decisions. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers are finding it difficult to maintain a reliable staff. Indeed, many are working with a skeleton crew. Stretched thin, these teams are often overworked, frustrated, and burnt out. Too often, this frustration bleeds over into the customer experience…. Read more »

Tips for Appointment Scheduling on the Phone

Setting appointments requires a great deal of organizational skill. While it can be a relatively straightforward process, even the most basic of appointment requests can be complicated by games of phone tag, last minute cancellations, and messy paper calendars. Given how important accurate appointment setting can be for a business, it’s important to meet these… Read more »

How to Do Your Customer Service Audit

Customer service drives your business forward and therefore should be given priority in your overall operations. However, when companies are performing well, customer service complacency can occur. While focusing on meeting their quarterly financial objectives, developing new projects and services and coming up with marketing strategies to bring in more leads, they may actually lose… Read more »

Main Reasons Why an Answering Service Can Help Your HR Team

Human resources departments are among the most important – and most overlooked – aspects of any organization. They set the tone for the entire company, outlining professional standards and expectations for everyone in the organization. Human resources professionals oversee staffing, employee compensation and benefits, as well as the defining and designing work itself. While no… Read more »

What are the Biggest Impacts of Bad Customer Service?

In an increasingly globalized economy, the customer experience is often the only thing separating you from your competition. Bad customer service has become more damning than ever. One poor experience can have a butterfly effect-like impact on your entire organization. A bad experience can lead to a bad review which evolves into a bad reputation…. Read more »

What is an Answering Service?

Missed calls cost money. They also reduce overall customer satisfaction. For these reasons – and many more – businesses are turning to answering services for coverage. Such a service can help your organization optimize its communications while increasing profitability. Dedicated answering service receptionists work tirelessly to get to know your business and function as an… Read more »

What is Customer Loyalty and How to Build It

Attracting customers is one of the greatest challenges of owning a business. Building customer loyalty can be even more difficult. Offering great customer service is a start, but today’s savvy shoppers need more than just a good experience to keep coming back to your business. Winning people over is harder than it looks, but with a… Read more »

Popular Options for Handling Business Phone Call Overflow

If you’re working to grow your business, odds are good that you’re eager to address as many inquiries and customer concerns as possible. When each ring of the telephone represents a new opportunity to win over customers, it’s important to treat each call with care and attention. This requires a lot more time and effort… Read more »

Unique Gifts for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Gift giving can be stressful. That’s especially true if the person you’re shopping for is an entrepreneur who already has everything they could want. You’re probably eager to give something thoughtful, useful, and something indicative of how much you care about them. It’s a big ask, but not an insurmountable challenge. Gifts for business owners… Read more »

How Can a Call Screening Service Help to Improve Your Business’ Efficiency

Communication is the key to quality customer service. No matter your industry, offering a quick and easy way to get in touch with your organization is a must in today’s competitive business landscape. Of course, staying on top of inbound calls can be incredibly challenging. Even with your team pitching in to answer calls and… Read more »