6 Business Quotes To Help Shape Your Customer Service Strategy for 2019

Every business wants to prioritize customer service – or at least they should. There’s no quicker way to make a name for yourself (good or bad) than through your treatment of your customers. While excellent customer service is a goal to aspire to, many companies lose sight of it in the midst of the other… Read more »

Why a 24/7 Answering Service Can Help in an Emergency Situation

Are you prepared to help your clients, tenants and customers in the face of an emergency? In most cases, the answer is no. While we often consider how to best prepare for a hurricane or snow storm at home, we rarely factor in how our customers will fare without our services. When customers need your… Read more »

Six New Year’s Resolutions to Upgrade Your Customer Service

As we put the year to bed, it’s time to start considering the ways we can improve our lives. A new year offers a fresh start, and there’s no better time to make changes to both our personal and professional habits. When it comes to working in the customer service world, adapting to the needs… Read more »

5 Holiday Customer Service Tips from Elf

We can learn a lot about life – and about customer service – when we go to the movies. While inspirational films like Forrest Gump and The Blind Side can motivate us to be better human beings, even less critically-acclaimed movies can inspire us to do better. While not exactly an Oscar winner, the 2003… Read more »

What We Can Learn From Famous Movie Phone Calls

In an age where email and text messages rule our communications, it’s easy to forget how important the phone call was and still is. While we might chat with friends over text or email, our most important business is still typically conducted over the phone. The art of the phone call, though, is something that… Read more »

Why Your Cell Phone Shouldn’t Be Your Business Line

In 21st century America, we live our lives on our smartphones. We pay our bills, catch up with loved ones, adjust our thermostat and even order groceries from our devices. It’s easy to assume that our business calls, emails, and texts should also be funneled through this singular, personal smartphone. This is especially true in… Read more »

Automated vs Live Answering: Which is Best for Your Business?

Technology has afforded business owners with a lot of luxuries. Before the invention of the computer or smartphone, we relied upon things like typewriters, rolodexes and adding machines to keep our businesses running. There was also no alternative to hiring a secretary; if there was no one around to pick up the phone when it… Read more »

10 Things Small Business Owners Can Be Grateful for This Season

Small business owners know the value of reflection. Self-awareness is critical to success, and taking an honest look at our goals, achievements, setbacks and challenges can help prepare us for what lies ahead. Even more important, though, is the need for gratitude. It’s easy to lose focus on how good you have it when you’re… Read more »

Create a Healthy Business Culture with This Important Tool

Smart business owners recognize whistleblowers as allies, not snitches. While it can be frustrating to learn of unethical behavior, whistleblowers present an opportunity for greater transparency and honesty in your organization. Unfortunately, though, they are too often seen as traitors who sell out their colleagues. Because of this, many employees have a very real fear… Read more »

10 Times the Show Parks and Rec Inspired Entrepreneurs

Great television has a way of bringing people together. Through the years, we’ve all stood around a coffee pot or watercooler rehashing our favorite moments from a newly aired episode. The best television shows go even further: they inspire us in unexpected ways. No one tuning into NBC’s Parks and Rec, starring Amy Poehler and… Read more »