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MAP Communications is the partner your Sales and Marketing Department has been seeking to streamline the sales process and maximize the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

woman using her phone to browse the sales leads collected by MAP CommunicationsSales calls are the lifeblood of so many businesses. One initial call can set forth an exciting, successful partnership for years to come. While these calls are indeed important, they are often diamonds in the rough. Wading through the unqualified leads can take all day, distracting you from your clients and keeping you from closing the most important deals. If you’re a sales executive who is eager to streamline and optimize your process, a sales call center may be the solution. By weeding out time wasters who don’t fit your criteria, you can capitalize on the very best opportunities that come your way. It’s one of the many benefits of call center outsourcing for your sales team.

We can provide an administrative boost to organizations of all sizes and industries. Even with a stellar in-house staff on your side, a team of experienced call center employees can offer the kind of 24/7 support typically associated with Fortune 500 corporations. Best of all, the virtual call center benefits for your sales team come at a fraction of the cost of a single full-time employee.

Why Use a Call Center to Support Sales and Marketing

In a 24/7 world, it’s no longer enough to offer traditional nine-to-five business hours for callers. It’s important to be available at the moments that are most convenient for callers. Unfortunately, that availability doesn’t always correlate with your efforts to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Thankfully, a sales call center can help you and your team cover phones while prioritizing your time off. You’ll never again miss another call with the full force of a call center behind you.

By eliminating the need for voicemail, you’ll send a clear message to your callers: they are heard, valued, and of the utmost importance to your organization. Anyone eager to learn how to get more clients can appreciate the messaging communicated by 24/7 availability. You’ll capture all sales leads, no matter when the person might be calling.

sales and marketing professionals planning to use MAP Communications for their campaignOf course, lead qualification is also an important factor in the process. A sales call center team can vet new leads and forward on the most valuable and appropriate opportunities. This saves you and your employees time, leaving you with more freedom to reel in the big fish and close the most important deals. Ultimately, this leads to more revenue. It’s a win for clients and salespeople alike.

We can do so much more than just lead qualification, too. Whether you’re expecting high call volume following a direct response campaign or simply want overflow support for those “just in case” moments, the call center benefits for your sales team don’t stop there. Explore some of the different types of call center services that sales executives use to successfully hit their targets month after month, year after year.

Types of Call Center Services for Sales and Marketing

Lead Capture and Lead Qualification

If you’re looking for tips to improve business sales, lead qualification best practices are certainly worth your time. We believe that hooking a new lead is more art than science, and have perfected that art over the years. Rest easy knowing that MAP Communications works from carefully crafted call scripts so that you get all the information you require. We treat your callers like you would if you had the time to answer each one. Every interaction is a personalized, branded experience, leaving nothing to chance. Our lead capture and qualification services translate to a boost in quality leads, increased revenue and satisfaction all around.

Appointment Scheduling

Does your sales team operate based on appointments or consultations with potential clients? If so, our team of virtual receptionists and lead qualifiers can play an integral role with our appointment scheduling services. We can manage your calendar by filling it with meetings with the people you want to talk to. Rather than sifting through leads and wrangling calendars yourself, we’ll take care of that while you focus on closing the deal over and over again.

Order Taking

Are your callers ready to buy? We can help them place orders for your goods to drive more sales. Our order taking call center services are the perfect way to help customers ensure their orders are processed. We can guide them through the process on your ecommerce website, or we can place the orders ourselves while accepting their payment method in a PCI compliant manner.

Direct Response

A lot of money is invested in your direct response campaigns. It’s so crucial to maximize the ROI over every dollar you put into them. This is where we thrive. MAP Communications direct response call center services are ideal for capturing every caller that dials your number. We make collect caller information, securely accept payment information, and ensure all the data gets logged accurately. There is no better way to clinch the sale after people have dialed the number they got from your advertising.

Bilingual Support

It’s crazy to miss out on revenue just because you can’t support callers in their preferred language. Using our bilingual call center services opens up your business to new markets segments. Our bilingual representatives ease communication barriers between your organization and callers whose first language may not be English. We can vet them as clients, help them place orders, or give your team an administrative boost in the bilingual department.

Outsource Your Sales and Marketing Support with MAP Communications

Ultimately, sales call center services allow you to boost your professional image and increase revenue while saving serious cash. Our services are both flexible and affordable, allowing you to turn off additional coverage at your whim. Instead of investing in new receptionists or sales team members, consider giving MAP a try. For a fraction of what it might cost to onboard a new employee, you can gain the full force of our call center services and resources.

Tired of missing out on sales opportunities or not capitalizing on marketing campaigns? Try our sales call center services free for seven days! We’ll provide you with 24/7 coverage, appointment scheduling, lead qualification, or whatever you require to boost sales and hit your targets. There are no obligations to continue using the our services after the trial period, so why not give MAP a shot? Call today for more info.

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