Inbound Lead Capture & Lead Qualification Services

Live phone answering and US-based call center services for lead capture and lead qualification. We’ll capture all inbound phone leads and qualify your business prospects based on your customized criteria.

Image of MAP Communications call center agents providing sales lead capture and qualification services

Hooking a customer is an art, not a science. It’s studied in marketing classes and perfected in agencies and boardrooms across the globe. As any good salesperson can attest, a lot goes into convincing just one customer to purchase your product or buy into your services. From email marketing to social media outreach to more traditional forms of advertising, like commercials and print ads, you’ve got to reach out to your demographic and tell them about your company before they can become customers. But what about that middle phase between marketing and serving customers with the experience they request?

Capturing leads drives revenue. Doing so, however, isn’t always obvious. It’s easy to miss an opportunity to capture a lead, or to waste time on a lead that’s not viable. These missed opportunities can lead to damages to your bottom line and a reduced return on investment on advertising and marketing efforts. After all, sifting through unqualified leads wastes your sales team’s valuable time.

It’s a classic catch 22. You have to answer every call, because every call might be your next customer. But if you talk to every caller, you’re going to waste precious time sifting through unqualified leads. Well, it doesn’t HAVE to be like that. With the help of MAP Communications lead capture and qualification service, you and your team can solve common customer acquisition challenges, reclaim more time in your day, and increase your profits.

Cost-Effective Administrative Support for Busy Offices

In a perfect world, the lead generation and capture process would happen with little to no oversight. In reality, customers need their hands held. They call with questions, concerns and confusion about your offerings and need additional insight into their options. These calls require the patience and expertise of a resourceful employee. Too often, this resourceful employee is pulled away from their own valuable work to answer the questions of customers. While unquestionably important, this kind of nurturing doesn’t always necessarily lead to increased sales. Unqualified leads waste the valuable time of your employees.

With the help of a lead qualification service, your team can focus on what is most important. Rather than having to answer every call and qualify leads, your employees can get back to their own to-do lists. Increased productivity in the office is just one of the many benefits of working with a sales lead qualification service.

We Handle Your Callers Exactly the Way You Would

Many business owners find it difficult to outsource lead capture and qualification services to a third party. After all, nurturing a lead requires precise language and strategy to ensure follow through. With MAP Communications, you can rest assured that your prospective customers receive the exact treatment you envision for them. We get to know your business and objectives while working with you to develop a fully customized script that’s specific to your requirements. This ensures that callers get a professional, branded experience and that you capture every qualified lead. We accomplish this by treating every interaction just like you would.

Since MAP Communications is 100% employee-owned and operated, each one of our US-based customer service agents has buy in to the conversations they have with callers. Our success is directly linked to yours, so you can forward your calls to a lead qualification call center service knowing that your prospective customers are in good hands.

Extend Your Team with MAP Inbound Lead Capture and Qualification Service

More than just a call center, MAP is an extension of your team. Along with our lead capture answering service and qualification solutions, we offer a complete suite of tools that are designed to help businesses maximize their productivity and not worry about wasting time with on lead capture and qualification efforts. We understand that entrusting your calls to a third party can be an exercise in faith. That is why we log each call to your secure account portal where you can access all the information you need to make the best decisions.

If you’re ready to partner with the best inbound lead capture service around, contact us today. You can learn more about our services and we can find out more about your business. Then we’ll provide a customized quote that fits your budget and will surely exceed your expectations. We hope to speak with you soon.

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