5 Benefits of Having a Toll Free 800 Number for Your Business

Toll Free Numbers for Business

When it comes to investing in your business, there is no shortage of viable strategies. Simple steps, like supplying the break room with coffee for your team, can bolster employee motivation and foster a healthier work environment. For truly transformational investments in your organization, though, it helps to think a little bigger.

Whether you’re a one-man operation or an international brand, odds are good that your company could benefit from a toll free number. Here’s how:

Build Credibility

When your employees pick up the phone to chat with customers, you likely ask them to stick with a call script for branding purposes. It’s the fastest way to communicate your professionalism and ensure the caller that they have indeed reached the business they were trying to contact. All of this helps build credibility – the building block of any successful sales conversation. A toll free number can enhance the credibility you’ve already worked so hard to achieve.

An 800 number for business sends a clear, efficient message to customers: your brand is large and successful enough to warrant a toll free number. Since these numbers are often associated with big corporations, it’s a simple way to build credibility. A toll free phone number makes your business appear more established and professional.

Improve the Customer Experience

Customers never know exactly what to expect when dialing a business phone number for the first time. From complicated menus to disinterested employees, the customer experience can really run the gamut. This is part of why businesses need toll free numbers: to communicate, in advance, the kind of customer experience a caller can expect by dialing your company.

One of the advantages of toll free numbers is the opportunity to partner with a live answering service. Convenient capabilities like support for phone call screening, call forwarding, and call routing make it easy to meet customers where they are. Once you’ve invested in a toll free number, it’s easy to streamline communications and offer 24/7 support. Providing consistent, quality customer service has never been easier.

Make Your Business Portable

When customers dial your business, does a landline phone ring?

If so, you’re likely missing out on important phone calls. It’s impossible to be tied to your desk phone around the clock, and even if you have a receptionist covering the phones, they still require time off on occasion. With a toll free number, you can make your business portable and take calls anywhere you go.

Call forwarding services can direct any incoming call to your personal cell phone or to a central call center where representatives answer incoming calls night and day. While a 1800 toll free number isn’t required for this kind of call forwarding, it helps to streamline the conversations your customers are eager to have. For instance, you can have a call center team qualify sales leads while forwarding on only the most viable opportunities to your personal line. You can answer at your desk, on the road, or anywhere your day might take you.

A toll free number with call forwarding also makes managing a healthy work/life balance easier. With a few simple steps, you can turn call coverage on or off as needed. Want to head home after a long day at the office and turn off your phone? It’s possible to get both the time off you need while also prioritizing the customer experience. With a call center team on hand, you can rest and recuperate without ever missing a call.

Memorable Marketing

When you’re eager to build a loyal following, there’s nothing like a toll free number to raise your profile and create memorable marketing. You can select a number that’s easy to share and remember after hearing just once. This makes a big difference – trying to remember random numbers can be downright impossible. Vanity numbers, like 1-800-COFFEE, are instantly recognizable and memorable.

A memorable phone number makes it easy for customers to reach out. Should they have questions or concerns, there is no need to go searching for your contact information. You’re instantly more accessible with a toll free number.

Expand Your Coverage Area

Success in business is relative. You can have a profitable run and still struggle to meet long-term goals. If you’re not growing sustainably each year, the overall health of your organization may begin to suffer. By expanding your coverage area with a toll free number, you’ll quickly bolster business growth. There’s no easier way to gain instant access to new customers far and wide.

A local area code sends a message that you’re a local business. A 1800 toll free number, on the other hand, communicates your accessibility to a national, or even global audience.

How to Get a 1 800 Number for Your Business

Toll free numbers are as relevant and valuable as ever. An asset to any flourishing business, a 1800 toll free number can help you improve on communication processes and the customer experience that you’ve already begun to master. The benefits enumerated above are just the beginning. Once you establish your new number, you may begin to see other advantages too.

Getting a toll free number for your business is easier than you might imagine. Partner with MAP Communications call center services and you’ll be treated to a free 800 number, the fastest pickup times in the industry, and a team dedicated to your success. Get started with a free trial now!

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