Call Center and Answering Services with 800 and Local Numbers

A local or 800 number is included for free in all MAP answering service and call center plans.

Image of a woman dialing a business with an 800 numberToll free 800 numbers lend a certain credibility to a business. There’s nothing quite as official as having an 800 number to promote or pass out to prospective customers. MAP Communications knows the value of such a phone number, which is why we offer free 800 (or local numbers if you prefer) to each of our clients. This toll-free option allows your callers to connect with you anywhere at any time. Once you’ve got your answering service plan or call center account set up, you can be sure we will be ready around the clock to answer any calls that you’d like us to handle coming to your 800 or local number.

Shifts in technology and accessibility have led to increased competition for most businesses. Consumers have more choices than ever before. When they dial a business and get a voicemail, consumers will often simply hang up and search for another alternative online. Ensure that local, regional, national and even international customers can get a hold of you any time of day by partnering with an 800 answering service like MAP. Not only will your constant availability send a great message to callers, but you’ll open yourself up to all kinds of new markets that were previously untapped.

800 numbers are great, but local numbers can be very effective as well.

Of course, not every business depends on clientele across the country or beyond. In fact, you may prefer an answering service with local phone numbers. MAP can help with that, too. A familiar area code can be the very foundation of trust for some callers. Knowing that you’re not some large corporation with no ties to the local community can assuage many of the common concerns of callers. An answering service with local numbers shows you’re not only part of their community, but you’re always there for them, regardless of the time of day they’re calling.

Image of a man talking on the phone who dialed a toll free numberIf you prefer to keep the local or 800 number you get from us private, you can forward that line to us whenever you’d like us to answer calls. We’re available 24/7/365 including all major holidays. Or, if you’re comfortable sharing your number with customers, allow MAP to answer any and all calls that come through on that line. The flexibility offered by an 800 number answering service is truly second to none.

If you’re looking for an 800 answering service to help you connect with and convert incoming callers, MAP is the ideal partner. Our toll free number answering service can send a clear message to consumers who are curious about your offerings. Not only does an 800 number answering service present a professional public face of your company, it also ensures the best customer service possible that leaves fantastic impressions. MAP virtual receptionists are highly-trained to handle any kind of call that might come through. In fact, we’ve been industry leaders in the call center world for decades. Experienced, dedicated, and even bilingual, MAP employees are resourceful and ready to tackle each call head-on.

Connect with us today to begin offering the kind of stellar service for which you’ve always aimed. We’re so confident you’ll love MAP that we’re offering a free, week-long trial of our services. Get started today!