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4 Signs You Need a Virtual Receptionist

The Great Resignation has business owners everywhere rethinking their staffing decisions. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers are finding it difficult to maintain a reliable staff. Indeed, many are working with a skeleton crew. Stretched thin, these teams are often overworked, frustrated, and burnt out. Too often, this frustration bleeds over into the customer experience…. Read more »

Tips for Appointment Scheduling on the Phone

Setting appointments requires a great deal of organizational skill. While it can be a relatively straightforward process, even the most basic of appointment requests can be complicated by games of phone tag, last minute cancellations, and messy paper calendars. Given how important accurate appointment setting can be for a business, it’s important to meet these… Read more »

What are the Biggest Impacts of Bad Customer Service?

In an increasingly globalized economy, the customer experience is often the only thing separating you from your competition. Bad customer service has become more damning than ever. One poor experience can have a butterfly effect-like impact on your entire organization. A bad experience can lead to a bad review which evolves into a bad reputation…. Read more »

What is an Answering Service?

Missed calls cost money. They also reduce overall customer satisfaction. For these reasons – and many more – businesses are turning to answering services for coverage. Such a service can help your organization optimize its communications while increasing profitability. Dedicated answering service receptionists work tirelessly to get to know your business and function as an… Read more »

Nationwide vs. Local Answering Services: Which is Best?

There are a number of good reasons to shop locally for goods and services. Spending money in your community helps keep dollars in the pockets of your neighbors and stimulates the local economy. Visiting local boutiques and shops can also help you learn more about products and services, allowing you to ask questions and get… Read more »

Best Benefits of Having a Bilingual Receptionist for Your Business

Communication is the cornerstone of quality customer service. While it’s important to have the right tools and training to meet customer expectations, none of that matters if a baseline, mutual understanding can’t be met. Quality customer service is often the only thing separating a business from its competition, which is why it’s more important than… Read more »

Skills a Virtual Receptionist Should Have to Benefit Your Business

The receptionist is an often overlooked but incredibly important member of the modern office staff. When performing at the top of their game, these professionals make everyone around them more productive while simultaneously serving as the face of their organizations. The importance of a great receptionist truly can’t be overstated.  As many businesses embrace remote… Read more »

How to Capture Leads from Weekend & After-hours Calls to Your Business

In our 24/7 world, there’s no such thing as traditional business hours anymore. The rise of the smartphone means that we’re plugged in at all hours of the day and night. This has both positive and negative implications for business, of course. It’s easier than ever to connect with customers on their own terms, which… Read more »

How Virtual Receptionists Promote Better Customer Relationships

A virtual receptionist can do wonders for an organization’s productivity. They can also enrich customer relationships in unexpected ways. It’s not enough to simply deliver on expectations. To turn first-time customers into brand loyalists, it’s important to partner with a virtual receptionist. These professionals can transform your customer experience by enhancing existing service offerings and… Read more »

Inspirational Quotes About Growing Your Business in 2021

For many businesses, the last year has been about survival. With COVID-19 disrupting virtually every facet of the economy, companies were forced to evolve. The results have been impressive to watch. Business models were reinvented, employees shifted to remote work, and supply chain disruptions led to creative results. Indeed, the resilience of American businesses has… Read more »